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Front and Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Front and Backyard Landscaping Ideas | Landscape Improvements

It’s the pandemic. That means you are stuck in your house staying safe and healthy. You can still do relaxing recreational activities without getting out of your property. 

Gardens provide a place for experiencing nature. This is beneficial to your mental health. With that in mind, you need a good landscaping design.

What is landscaping design?

Landscapes give a beautifying touch to your property. A proper and simple landscaping design can give you a place of relaxation. Landscapes can also be a place of conservation with the least human activities.

What is landscaping design? Landscaping design is the arranging and modifying of features in a landscape. It involves planning, designing, and managing open spaces. You can incorporate a simple landscaping design into your front and backyard.

What are the best landscaping design ideas?

Investing in landscaping helps you create an area for relaxation and entertainment. Designing your garden is the best way of preserving the natural feel of your home. It also makes your home more welcoming.

Do you want to give your property an upgrade? What you need are fresh landscaping design ideas. But before you start, you will need to have a plan in mind. Here’s how to start landscaping design:

  • Outline

You should start with a rough sketch of the property or area you want to do your landscape. It should include any permanent features such as your house, shed, large trees, or shrubs. Also put the areas that are currently paved, patios, pools, among others.

  • Measure

After you do your outline, you should note the measurements on the sketch. You should note where windows and doors are for views and traffic patterns. Also, include where water faucets and electrical outlets are.

  • Transfer

Next, transfer your property map to graph paper and draw to scale. Keep in mind that this will become your master copy. Also take note of sun and shade patterns, wind-prone areas, slopes, and others.

  • Trace

Use a tracing paper over the top of your master copy. After that, begin experimenting with designs.

Here are some front and backyard landscaping ideas:

  • Woodland Garden

Do you have a woodland setting outside your back door? You might want to consider reconfiguring your back porch. You can create a series of outdoor rooms that transition from a developed space to a natural setting.

  • Cottage-Style Planted Wheelbarrow

For this design, you need a shabby chic wooden wheelbarrow. It should be overflowing with ivy and flowers. This is one of the best front and backyard landscaping ideas for almost any yard. Especially for cottage gardens. There are several kinds of flowers ideal for this kind of simple landscaping design. These flowers include petunias and fuchsias. Make sure you use a high-quality potting mix. This will keep water in the wheelbarrow. It will also keep your flowers healthy during summer weather as well.

  • Multi-Season Flower Bed with Annuals and Evergreens

Do you want a constant display of colors throughout the entire year? You should have a mix of flower varieties that bloom during different seasons. You might want to plant evergreen bushes. These are good together with spring and summer flowers. They also create a lush garden. You might want to have window boxes with flowers as well.

  • Low Maintenance Evergreen Border with a Pop of Color

Evergreens and azaleas are good if you don’t want flowers but still enjoy a flashy color in your yard. Evergreens will keep your yard from feeling bare in the winter. Azaleas have the added benefit of producing breathtaking floral displays. Particularly during spring and summer.

Azaleas come in a vast range of colors, from deep fuchsia to white. They adapted to a large number of climates.

  • Clematis Climbing Wall

One of the best front and backyard landscaping ideas if you are looking to hide an ugly wall. If you don’t want to use ivy, you should establish several trellises for clematis. This flower comes in endless varieties.

You should keep it in cool, moist soil for the best displays. This will ensure that it gets plenty of suns.

  • Circular Shade-Loving Annuals Flower Bed

You will find that beneath shade trees is challenging to the landscape. Plant sweet alyssum, coleus, begonias, touch-me-not, and pansies in the shaded ground. You should put pavers to keep the flower bed tidy. Pavers also make it easier to mow around the tree without disturbing the tree’s roots.

  • Water-Wise Western Water Feature

Do you live in an area with unreliable rain or limited water resources? These front and backyard landscaping ideas are perfect for you. You should plant your front yard with drought-resistant foliage and flowers. You should plant flowering herbs like rosemary, lavender, and thyme. That’s because they do so well with little watering.

You might want to have a small water and rock feature to create an appealing backdrop. Especially for a wide variety of drought-resistant plants. This also creates a rustic cottage feel as well.

  • Sophisticated Japanese Garden Beds

This simple front yard landscapes design is perfect for modern homes. You might want to put a Japanese maple in the central bed. These dwarf maple trees have colorful foliage. You should include tall planters that flank your doorway and a stone pillar fountain.

  • Modern Craftsman Lighted Path

Pathway lights tend to offer a more welcoming feel to your home’s doorway. You should put metal garden path lights. You should pair it with a cut flagstone path and mix of grasses, annuals, and evergreens.

Do you want sustainable landscape designs in Orlando that offer garden solutions? At Landscape Improvements, we provide superior and professional landscaping solutions. We focus on details and appearance that will always exceed your expectations. Give us a call at 407-606-7326 to know more about our services. Send in your email at info@landscapeimprove.com and we’ll answer any questions you have. We will make your dream landscape a reality.

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