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Transform Your Winter Springs Home Into A Beautiful Landscape

Winter Springs is one of Florida’s most diverse and family-oriented suburban communities. This thriving community is nestled along the south shore of Lake Jesup.

With its limited commercialization, it’s the perfect place to settle down for those who love a laid back atmosphere and neighborhood filled with well-decorated houses and beautifully-manicured gardens & landscapes. With Lake Jesup as a natural background for many residents, the only challenge is how to make your home stand out from the rest. 

The Most Ideal Landscape in Winter Springs 

Although Florida enjoys a warm subtropical climate, it still experiences winter. The precious gardens & landscapes in Winter Springs are vulnerable to damage during this season.

During winter, Florida’s temperature can often drop to 40-degrees at night, especially in the northern areas. Early preparation is the best way to protect your garden and landscape before winter.

Selection of the right plants

Choosing plants that thrive under the sun and endure the cold of winter is the best way to be worry-free. There’s a wide array of plants, flowers, and shrubs that thrive in different seasons, so choosing the right ones is not that difficult

Regular maintenance

Since plants are more susceptible to breakage and size reduction during winter seasons, it is ideal to hire a certified arborist for regular maintenance. They make sure your plants are ready for the season. 

Mulch Redressing

Mulch has a greater purpose other than added aesthetics, especially during winter. It maintains soil temperature to keep roots warmer beneath. It also keeps the soil cooler during summer. It also retains soil moisture & soil erosion.

Good irrigation

Rain is not common during winter in Florida. That is why your garden and landscape must have a regular water supply during this season. Even though plants and shrubs remain dormant in winter, its roots continue to grow.

Although landscaping in Orlando FL is not that challenging as compared to  other parts of the US, it’s best to always be prepared. 

The Landscaping and Lawn Care Specialists Winter Springs FL Trusts Since 1992

Landscape Improvements knows the exact landscaping needs of Winter Springs. We are proud to say that we are a home-grown landscaping company that started in 1992. As an all-in-one solution-driven landscaping company that thrives on excellence, our certified arborists, horticulturists, and landscapers are able to provide reliable services to everyone in Winter Springs and College Park.

At Landscape Improvements, we offer the following services with passion & excellence.

Our Worry-Free Approach to Landscaping

We uphold professionalism and standards  to  each of our clients. We won’t settle on being average, we always put our skills, experience, and passion into all of our projects. We treat each and every landscaping project with care.

Our professional approach for each of the services we provide to our clients never fails to put smiles on our clients’ faces. Our team is capable of transforming ordinary outdoor spaces into functional & beautiful landscapes.

Here is our simple process to serve both residential and commercial landscaping needs.

We offer a FREE quote and consultation to provide you the project overview.

We offer site inspections to give you the complete details of the actions needed to complete your project.

Our team will provide you a proposal for the initial project design. This includes the estimated budget for both labor and materials for the project.

Once we have your approval, our team will begin working.

Our aftercare service includes maintenance, restoration, and lawn service.

At Landscape Improvements, we can fully-customize our landscaping services. We base it on our client’s unique landscaping needs. We offer both minor and major landscaping projects, maintenance, and lawn care in  Winter Springs, FL. 

Our services are an excellent choice for homeowners who want their property’s curb appeal to improve. Most of our designs focus on creating the best accent that highlights your property’s features. Our intricate services are being done without harming the environment. We guarantee a sustainable landscaping project that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Get In Touch

For more information about our services, just reach out to us so we can provide you the best landscaping solutions. 

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