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The Florida Landscape Plants Installer That Gets the Job Done

The curb appeal of your property usually depends on how you install the plants to perfectly blend with the overall landscape design. Attention to detail is the key to successful plant installation.

Ornamental plants instantly add beauty to any landscaping project, but doing it on your own might end up a disaster.  The best solution for this is to hire a certified horticulturist.

A certified horticulturist has the knowledge and expertise to select Florida landscape plants appropriate to the region’s temperature, humidity, and rainfall. A horticulturist is also an expert in positioning your plants to improve your property’s curb appeal.

Certified Horticulturists in Central Florida Landscape Plants You Can Trust

At Landscape Improvements, we pride ourselves to have the best-certified horticulturists in Central Florida. Our horticulturists follow a particular process to ensure we won’t leave a single stone unturned.

Here is an overview of our plant installation process:

Certified Horticulturists in Central Florida Landscape | Landscape Improvement
Tree Trunk Damage After Storm

The Native Florida Plants for Landscaping Experts You Need

Our goal is to give you peace of mind and ultimate satisfaction on your investment. To make that possible, we always implement our careful process and provide you excellent service.

On top of that, we make sure that all the plants and materials we use are highly-sustainable for minimal maintenance. Our very own plant installation methods have been used since 1992.  They are proven and tested in keeping your native Florida plants healthy, alive, and vibrant.

We source all our plants and materials from our trusted growers and suppliers to ensure quality.

Weather Any Storms Safely With Tree Trimming and Removal

It’s not surprising that Florida is vulnerable to hurricanes. Since it’s near the tropics, hurricanes can pass through the Sunshine State leaving properties damaged and worse lives lost. 

If your property has trees with overgrown branches and limbs, contact an emergency tree trimming and removal service

If you call for our tree removal service, a certified arborist is sent to your property to do an in-depth assessment. We will then provide a hazard report of the trees on your property. This is very crucial to determine if they need to be removed or trimmed before the arrival of a hurricane or storm. 

Here are common signs that a tree needs emergency removal: 

Here are some common signs that a tree only needs emergency trimming: 

Tree trimming and removal is an intricate process that requires expertise from a certified arborist. Landscape Improvements is 24/7 ready for emergency tree trim and removal on your property to give you peace of mind. 

Plan ahead of bad weather and prepare your property, Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team of arborists will conduct an on-site assessment to determine if the trees on your property need to be removed or trimmed before a storm, heavy rain, or hurricane. 

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