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Getting Rid of the Most Common Bugs in Florida With Plant Pest Control

The warm climate in Florida makes gardens and lawns thrive year-round. Unfortunately, the very same climate also gives the ideal condition for pests to thrive. 

One of the main problems for maintaining a lawn or a garden in Florida is bug or insect infestation. It relentlessly attacks the foliage until it’s way beyond repair.

Here are the most common bugs in Florida:


Aphids– this tiny bug sucks on the plant’s nutrients until it’s weak. It may lead to the plants’ ultimate demise.

Silverleaf Whitefly– Similar to aphids, this bug sucks on the plant until it wilts and dies.

Silverleaf Whitefly
Blueberry Gall Midge

Blueberry Gall Midge– It burrows itself into the stems and leaves of the plant. It lays its egg into the plant tissue that causes swelling in the affected area.

Powder Post Beetles– This feeds on tree trunks and branches. It’s very similar to how termites devour wood, but the damage it makes is more visible since it eats the outer part of the tree.


Cutworm– This eight-legged insect is the most devastating pest in Florida. It feeds on sods, seedlings and transplants beneath the soil. 

Fortunately, pest infestation can be prevented with early intervention through our tree & plant pest control.

Fortify Your Garden With Organic Plant Pest Control

Your precious ornamental plants are a  constant threat to different kinds of pest infestation year-round. Botanical pests require a special solution that can only be successfully done through plant pest control.

Pests are a serious problem that need a permanent solution before it gets out of hand. The best way to overcome this threat is to call on a professional landscaping company to help. Landscape Improvements is not only known in Orlando for transforming ordinary lawns into wonderful outdoor living spaces, but we are also experts in plant pest control preventing various pests that ruin your lawn including grubs in grass.

Being a trusted name in pest management, we can assure you of the following advantages.

Integrated Pest Management | Organic Pest Control | Landscape Improvements
Integrated Pest Management | Landscape Improvements

Lawn Treatment And Why It’s Important

Do you know why it’s so important to have a lawn by your house? Having a lawn not only makes your home appear more beautiful, but it also improves our environment. With the right lawn treatment service, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Having a lawn prevents soil erosion.
  2. Lawns capture pollutants like allergens, dust, and dirt before those get inside your home.
  3. A garden with grass and plants produce cleaner oxygen. 
  4. It decreases heat in your area since lawn grass has a cooling effect. 
  5. Some studies show green spaces reduce stress.

Lawn treatment is important in keeping your grass healthy throughout the year. It’s best to look for lawn treatment companies that know what they’re doing including the effect of climate on grass, the type of grass that grows on each type of soil, the pests that are harmful to your lawn, and many more. 

Make sure you provide the right maintenance and care for your lawn, because in return, it takes care of you.

Say Goodbye To Pests With Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a process that relies on environment-friendly methods to eliminate pests, grubs, and other bugs, all while minimizing the risks to people and the environment. 

Why choose IPM over regular garden & lawn pest control?

IPM is favored by many experts and environmentalists because of its holistic and eco-friendly methods. The control tactics used in IPS are most effective in reducing pests commonly found in your yard, lawn, flower gardens, shrubs, and trees. 

For the past 28 years, Landscape Improvements has efficiently utilized the effectiveness of IPM to countless gardens, lawns, and yards in the Sunshine State.  

How do Landscape Improvements apply its IPM procedure? We follow this process: 

  1. Identify the pest infestation.
  2. Provide a damage and infestation assessment.
  3. Determine the management action required.
  4. Eliminate the problems caused by pest infestation. 
  5. Utilize a combined pest management approach involving chemical, physical, cultural, and biological methods.
  6. Complete a post pest management assessment.

Landscape Improvements is committed to providing effective pest management in your yard without harming your beautifully landscaped property. As one of the trusted garden and lawn pest companies in Orlando, we use only the best methods in the industry. 

For different landscaping needs including landscape lighting in Orlando drop a message or give us a call today!

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