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It is imperative to provide arbor care in keeping trees healthy either on your home or other properties. Trees not only provide a beautiful feature in your outdoor space, naturally, but they are also very important to our environment.

Arbor care is the standard way of nursing trees through various methods that include fertilizing, spraying, pruning, as well as soil management to keep trees on your property healthy.

Arbor care and Paver Installation are some of the specialty services that Landscape Improvements proudly offers. We have a team of International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified arborists that’s been known to protect trees around Orlando since 1992.

By choosing our arbor care service, you will benefit from:

The Professional Arbor Care Tree Service You Can Rely On

Since 1992, Landscape Improvements has been nursing thousands of trees around Orlando and neighboring cities and towns in the Sunshine State.

We may be known as one of the premier landscapers in Orlando, but we are also passionate when it comes to taking care of trees with our dedicated arbor care tree service. Our team of ISA certified arborists has the experience and expertise to nurture and protect trees.

Why choose us?

Aside from years of experience in arbor care tree service, our methods continue to innovate by leaning towards new technological advancements in arboriculture. So, expect a modern and more effective way to address tree-related concerns.

What services do we offer under arbor care?

Tree pruning

This method in arbor care is crucial to maintain the overall health of a tree. A well-pruned tree keeps it physically strong and resilient to diseases. Our tree pruning method uses the latest and most modern pruning techniques.

Tree & hazard survey

We do surveys for any potential hazard that trees in your property might cause especially during bad weather. We prepare the trees by cutting excessive limbs & branches before a storm to prevent any unwanted damage to your property.

Tree care

Our tree care service offers you different procedures that include tree mulching, pest & disease control, root pesticide treatments, trunk injections, and other necessary methods to keep your trees healthy.

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