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Increasing The Value of Your Home With Our Paver Installation Services

A simple backyard can easily get an upgrade with a paver patio. With different options for hardscape installation materials, we can transform your outdoor space into a wonderful entertaining area. You can choose brick, stone, or concrete pavers for your patio. All these materials are a good choice when installing paver walkway, a pool deck, driveway, or other outdoor space. 

Our team at Landscape Improvements has been designing and installing hardscape throughout Central Florida since 1992. With the highest quality of craftsmanship we provide, we have successfully built outdoor spaces perfect for get-togethers or a spot to unwind. Our paver installation services also help increase the value of any property that will appeal to potential buyers should you decide to sell.

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We Secure Patios With Paver Edging For Long Lasting Beauty

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Paver Edging | Paver Patio Installation & Repair

For pavers to have the most attractive look and durability, it’s important to secure them with paver edging. Depending on your choice, we can design these edges from a simple no-border lay to contrasting borders or raised edgers. 

Just as pine bark mulch is used to enhance the visual appeal of your garden area, paver edgings are also designed to provide a finished look of your pavers. It outlines the shape and form of the hardscape and most importantly, offers stability. 

Using quality paver edging, we accentuate each paver field and keep them in place. You don’t want a flimsy-looking paver or tree roots and grass growing from your paver. So we make it easy for you to protect your hardscaping in a beautiful way.

Why Paver Patio Installation Is The Perfect Choice

Want to extend your living space to the outdoors?  Then, a paver patio is something you might want to consider. Our installation projects are perfect for social gatherings, unwinding, outdoor barbeque, a fire pit, and anything else you can think of. Clients love these benefits they get from paver patios:

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Paver Being Installed
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Paver Driveway Installation Bring Out The Curb Appeal You’re Looking For

When choosing materials for driveway installation, it’s a common question to ask, “paving stones or concrete?” In the past, concrete was the popular choice until pavers proved to be better. Concrete  and asphalt only look good for a few years, then begin to crack or break down. 

Pavers are more durable with superior load-bearing capacity. They’re also a low-maintenance surface which can last for decades. Not only that, they add value to your home too, increasing your property’s curb appeal. It’s flexible when it comes to design with many style, colors, and size options that meet your needs.

For nearly 20 years, Landscape Improvements have been providing Central Florida homeowners and businesses with top quality paver driveway installation. Our proposals offer ‘no surprises” on cost, only results that will make you wow!

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