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The beauty of your lawn depends on how you take care of it. A well-maintained lawn is not just about the aesthetics, but also the value it adds to your property.

However, its lush green color does not entirely tell its overall condition. With the kind of weather in Florida where the heat can be unforgiving in some instances, your lawn is left vulnerable to its harsh effects.

Aside from the year-round heat, your lawn is also susceptible to invasive weeds, plant disease, insects, and fungus. With that in mind, your lawn requires year-round care and maintenance through lawn fertilization.

Lawn fertilization is an all-in-one solution, however, it is a tricky process that can only be done by experts. They usually apply soil or landscape fertilizer solution before every season changes. For lawn fertilization and lawn sprinkler system installation, you need a company that can do this job with confidence. 

Organic Lawn Fertilizer That Is Safe & Eco-Friendly

Part of our specialty services is lawn fertilization, and we’re proud to say that Landscape Improvements has been safely doing this intricate job since 1992. We have the knowledge and resources to provide your lawn with a wide array of both solid and liquid organic lawn fertilizer products that are guaranteed effective and safe to use.

Here is what our lawn care experts can provide you:

Professional Lawn Fertilizer Service Like No Other

As one of Central Florida’s longest-serving landscapers, we have the experience it takes to apply your lawn fertilizer precisely. We will make sure your lawn is in good hands.

At Landscape Improvements, you will benefit from:

Professional lawn care experts

All of our employees are qualified and trained professionals in the landscaping business and lawn fertilizer service. We are always driven to provide the best landscaping solutions.

Environment-friendly methods

Part of our commitment to our clients is to make sure we provide them not just the best landscaping service, but also the safest that is why we always use environment-friendly resources and methods.

Proud Floridian

We are very proud that we are a homegrown Florida landscaping company that has completed hundreds of landscaping projects in and around Central Florida since 1992. Our experience and passion will guarantee you the best service there is.

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