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Best Garden Plants for a Stunning Outdoor Appeal

Best Garden Plants for a Stunning Outdoor Appeal | Landscape Improvements

Whether you’re selling your property or not, improving your home’s outdoor appeal is almost always a good idea. Your home’s outdoor space is what will greet you every time you come home. It will also increase your home’s value if you’re planning on selling it.

A landscaped outdoor space would look stunning. However, if you plan on doing it by yourself, don’t underestimate the beauty that garden plants can add to your outdoors. Add pops of colors with flowering plants or calming greens to greet you on your way to the front door or when you’re stepping outside.

Here are some of the best garden plants that you can plant in your outdoor space to max your outdoor appeal:

Oakleaf Hydrangeas | Landscape Improvements

Oakleaf Hydrangeas

They’re called Oakleaf Hydrangeas because their leaves resemble that of oak trees. These plants are low-maintenance and drought-resistant. They’re also perfect for those without a green thumb because they’re almost impossible to kill. They also grow well in shady areas. Their huge leaves and bold conical flowers make them perfect for your front yard.

Lilac Sage Blooming on a Meadow | Landscape Improvements

Lilac Sage

Lilac sage’s signature purple color will add a pop of color that you want in your outdoors. Also called purple rain, this plant grows around 20 inches tall and has abundant blooms. They grow best in moist yet well-drained soil and prefer full sun. If you enjoy seeing blooms in your garden for several months, this plant is perfect for you since they usually bloom from July to September.

Persian Shield displaying it's vibrant shades of purple and green | Landscape Improvements

Persian Shield

Wherever you are residing in the country, whether you’re in the north or south, this plant can thrive in your outdoor space. This low-maintenance plant can grow in full sun or full shade. It also won’t matter whether you plant it in your garden’s soil or a container because it will still thrive. Their stunning leaves which are usually purple to silver can grow 4 to 7 inches long with pointed ends. This colorful foliage will surely stand out in your garden. It’s advisable to bring it indoors come winter season and place it in a brightly lit space.

Armeria maritima, pink flowers bloom in the morning sunlight | Landscape Improvements


Also called sea thrift, this plant has appealing blooms partnered with deep green leaves. It’s a charming perennial with globular flowers that usually bloom in white, pink, and red in springtime. They can grow up to 6 to 10 inches tall and grow best in sandy soil. It’s often planted as ground cover or on edges. It’s usually found along coastlines and can survive amid sea spray and sea winds.

Close up of deep pink and red head Dianthus barbatus | Landscape Improvements


Dianthus also goes by the name pinks. They’re well-known for the fragrance that their flowers spread. These plants can grow up to 6 to 18 inches tall. Its beautiful blooms are often in pink, red, salmon, and white. They grow best in areas that receive full sun or partial shade and prefer well-drained soil to thrive.

Blooming cultivar shrubby cinquefoil in the summer garden | Landscape Improvements

Shrubby Cinquefoil

This plant is also known as primrose beauty. Where they get their beauty from is through their beautiful yellow flowers that contrast against green foliage. It grows around three feet tall and is drought-resistant. It’s known for its lontheir g blossoming season. It grows best in areas where there is full sun or partly shady. They also prefer moist but well-drained soil.

Beautiful Coreopsis verticillata planted on a garden | Landscape Improvements


Zagreb Coreopsis is known for its golden-yellow blooms. This perennial is easy to grow and drought-resistant. It will attract bees and butterflies into your outdoor space as it blooms for a month. You can extend their blooming season by deadheading its spent flowers. This plant grows well in full sun and requires little watering. It can grow up to 12 to 18 inches tall and will be a fine addition to your outdoor space.

Orange Butterfly Weed in a Garden | Landscape Improvements

Butterfly Weed

This plant blooms with notably bright orange flowers. Its flowers are perfect sources of nectar and pollen and thus attract bees and butterflies. It’s also known as pleurisy root and milkweed. This plant is a perennial that grows up to 1 to 2 feet tall. It grows well on several types of soil and is drought-resistant. You can also plant it in full sun or partial shade, where it thrives.

Mandevilla plant in a garden | Landscape Improvements

Flowering Mandevilla

The Mandevilla is a favorite among Americans because it is one of those outdoor plants that you plant and just forget it’s there. It’s resilient and can thrive with minimal care. What makes the Mandevilla stand out is that it blooms nonstop. Its trumpet-shaped flowers come in various beautiful shades of red, white, or pink. 

The Bottom Line

Decorating your outdoor space can be a fun DIY task. Achieve that by using attractive garden plants with their contrasting vibrant blooms and green leaves and stems. By starting with low-maintenance garden plants, seeing your efforts rewarded will encourage you to try other stuff to improve your home’s outdoor appeal.

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