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Landscape Lighting On Garden Steps
Orlando Landscape Lighting | Landscape Improvements

Add Beauty and Elegance to Your Home in Orlando Through Landscape Lighting

One of the best highlights in your home’s landscaping project is the lighting features. It adds beauty and charm as it illuminates your property at night. It also provides a sense of serenity and calming vibes to your overall landscaping project.

Our landscaping experts will help you create the best custom lighting system to turn your landscape project stunningly vibrant especially at nighttime. 

We provide the best for our clients; we only use high-quality LED lighting systems for our pathway lighting installation. This is the most cost effective and energy efficient over the long term.

For additional information about our full landscape lighting and installation services, we provide a free quote to get started! We also offer other landscaping features including Garden Drainage System.

Transform your outdoor living space with a touch of magic of our garden lighting installation.

Beautiful Lighting Along Pavement | Landscape Improvements

Garden lighting is one of the best solutions to give your beautiful foliage, exotic and ornamental plants, and manicured lawn its well-deserved spotlight when the sun goes down. It makes your lawn warmer and more inviting for friends and family. A properly installed garden lighting not just illuminates your property’s outdoor living space, but also adds a stunning visual that increases its overall value and adds more security. 

When it comes to quality landscaping services including garden lighting, Landscape Improvements is the name that Floridians have counted on for nearly 3 decades. Our expert landscapers will transform your garden into a work of wonder. Call now and get a free assessment and quote from us. 

Achieve that relaxing and dreamy ambiance with our tree lighting landscaping feature.

Tree Lighting | Landscape Improvements

Adding light to your property’s trees illuminates the bark and the canopy’s entire structure. It provides ambient light and dramatic shadow effects. When done professionally, it adds beauty and value to your property. Whether it’s a fruit-bearing tree or not, it deserves the attention our tree lighting installation offers.

Illuminating your property’s trees goes way beyond the visual appeal, it is also needed for security purposes. At Landscape Improvements, we have arborists that can take your tree lighting feature to the next level. For further information about our tree lighting service, feel free to drop us a message or call us today to get a free assessment and quote!

Upgrade your landscaped property with our outdoor lighting installation and service.

With nearly three decades of professional landscaping experience, we have earned our fellow Floridians trust. 

As one of the premier landscaping companies in the Sunshine state, you can always rely on our professional landscaping service to turn your property into a stylish environment with our outdoor lighting installation and service.

We know the best lighting combinations and positions that can turn your outdoor living space into a beautiful oasis. 

Whether it’s for your pathway, garden, pond, or foliage, we have the exact outdoor lighting methods for each of these features. Want to know more? Don’t hesitate to give us a call now!  

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