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Importance of Having an Efficient Landscape Irrigation System

Whether you’re tending to a landscape that is for a commercial or residential property, having a landscape irrigation system is essential for the following reasons:


With everyone’s busy schedules, watering the plants can be easily forgotten. Our expert team can set up a watering schedule that is conducive to the different types of plants growing on your property. Your plants will always be watered when they need to be. With lawn irrigation systems, we can schedule and control the amount of water and the disbursement depending on the layout of your landscape.

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The Difference Sprinkler Systems Can Make to Your Landscape

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With Florida’s hot, humid temperatures and unpredictable rainfall, a carefully designed landscape irrigation system is a must to make sure your landscape stays alive and healthy. 

Choosing an irrigation system can be challenging, but our landscape experts are here to help decide which sprinkler system is the best for your landscaping needs. 

There are long and short range sprinklers – these would depend on the area of your landscape. A manual sprinkler system has open valves which allow the timing of the watering to be set manually. Automatic sprinklers have program controls that can be set for specific watering durations and designated times. 

Whether you choose a manual or automatic sprinkler system, our team can do the sod installation and programming needed for your plants.

A Lawn Sprinkler System For Your Residence? We’ll Install It For You!


For homeowners who are very busy with work and family, maintaining, pruning and trimming plants is not a top priority. This is where a lawn irrigation system comes into the picture. There are different types of irrigation systems: 

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Our team at Landscape Improvements offer different irrigation services for your property, including sprinkler system repair. We are equipped with a wide variety of high-quality irrigation system choices and related products to provide you with the best solution. Call our team now to get your lawn back in beautiful shape. 

Fixing Broken Sprinkler Pipes and Heads

Broken sprinkler pipes and heads can cause serious damage to your lawn.


We not only install irrigation systems, we’re also here to maintain and fix these systems when needed. 

Replacing a broken sprinkler head can be done yourself, but a professional is always encouraged to make sure it’s done right. Call our team for all of your sprinkler repairs and sprinkler installations. 

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