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Horticultural Services With Passion and Care

Horticulture is an important part of landscaping because of its specialized approach in garden management and cultivation backed by science and art. Horticulture is the professional way of gardening ornamental, vegetable, and fruit-bearing plants.

Landscaping projects won’t be complete without a horticulturist that manages the property’s garden to maintain its beauty inside and out.

Landscape Improvements is  proud to offer you horticultural services provided by our American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS) certified horticulturists.

Only certified horticulturists can understand the unique gardening and landscaping needs of each client. Our team provides a professional approach to accomplish your goals of producing healthy-growing plants. 

If you take advantage of our horticultural services, you will benefit from the following:

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The Plant Expert You Can Trust

Gardening is one of the best outdoor recreational activities that relieves stress. Anybody can try tending to plants but when it comes to its more complex side, you probably need a plant expert.

Professionally, a plant expert is known as a horticulturist. A horticulturist uses a scientific method paired with art in developing, cultivating, managing, and sustaining ornamental and food plants.

If you need a garden, our American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS) certified horticulturists at Landscape Improvements are ready to serve you.

Why hire our certified horticulturists?

Our team of certified horticulturists utilizes the best and most advanced horticulture methods. We are one of the most-established horticulture and landscaping companies in the state since 1992 that earned us the trust of countless Floridians.


We first conduct a site inspection to provide you a detailed assessment of your garden or landscape’s overall condition. In this step, we also recommend the required horticulture methods to address your concern.


Next, we establish the start date and the completion date to apply the recommended horticulture methods to your garden or landscape.


Our horticulture service does not conclude after we complete beautifying your garden. We conduct maintenance and regular inspections to make sure that your garden is in great condition.

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