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No Yard, No Problem! Container Gardening is the Answer!

Having little or no space does not mean you can’t grow your own landscape garden. Even with a space limited to a balcony or a patch of sun on your driveway, you can produce a wide variety of flowers and vegetable crops in containers. 

Container gardening can also be integrated to large gardens. Plants in glass containers make a good focal point wherever they are placed — on a pedestal, mounted on a window sill, hanging from your porch, or a welcoming decoration on the front walk. 

Growing plants in containers is also ideal if you want to save on landscape soil and fertilizer costs. Some people also opt for this type of gardening if they are too busy to maintain a full-blown garden. If you feel this is the best way to liven up your porch or add ambience to your outdoor sitting areas, we’ll be glad to offer our container gardening services. 

Landscape Improvements designs and installs outdoor container gardens for your home or business, specific to your needs. Each project is custom designed based on function, level of care, sunlight, and your budget. 

Change the look of your home with simple yet elegant designs of our container choices and plant variety. From glass vases to window boxes, blooming foliage to herbs and spices — we’ll help you decide which ones to plant or you can fully trust our designer’s choice.

Growing and Maintaining Plants in Glass Containers

While growing plants in glass containers seems easy, a container garden still needs to be maintained just like the real one, but on a smaller scale. Since containers have lesser amounts of soil, nutrients, and water, it needs to be replenished regularly to promote healthy foliage development. Depending on the service you book, Landscape Improvements will help you keep a beautiful container garden.

Our Container Gardening Services:

Container Gardening
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