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Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for Florida Homes

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for Florida Homes | Landscape Improvements

Whether you’ve recently bought a home in Florida or have been living in The Sunshine State for quite some time, we can all agree that landscaping in Florida is unique compared to the rest of the country. Due to the state’s tropical to subtropical climate, there are some points to consider. 

Mostly, you can only apply these to an environment like Florida’s. However, if you’ve got enough green thumb experience, or perhaps you’re working with a seasoned landscaping professional, then it might be possible to replicate the right conditions for these ideas even outside Florida. 

If you’re planning to decorate your front yard, you’ve come to the right place. We came up with a list of landscaping ideas, so your Florida property’s front yard will stand out from the rest.

Choose Low-Maintenance Plants That Grow Around the Area

When planting plants, it’s best to choose plants that can survive under the hot Florida sun. Choosing low-maintenance plants that are endemic to your area will ensure that they will thrive without requiring you to give that much attention and care.

Some popular plants that thrive in tropical climates are Black-eyed Susans, Blanket Flowers, Azaleas, Blazing Stars, and Gold Mound Duranta. These plants can add a pop of color to your front yard while thriving in Florida weather.

Use Lighting to Illuminate Your Landscape | Landscape Improvements

Use Lighting to Illuminate Your Landscape

Even at night time, your landscaped front yard can still be an attention-grabber in your neighborhood. Use lighting efficiently to highlight parts of your yard. For example, uplight a tree in your front yard, or showcase your plants using strategically placed outdoor lights. Opt for hard-wired lighting since they last longer compared to cheap DIY solar outdoor lights.

Aside from its aesthetic benefits, lighting your front yard can also offer a sense of security. That is because it improves the visibility throughout your property. 

Choose the Correct Hardscape

Hardscapes can have a significant impact on the overall appearance of your front yard. Make sure to use hardscape materials that are of quality to withstand the harsh Florida sun and rain. You also need to ensure that the materials for your hardscape will complement your property’s style and architecture.

The elements in your front yard that might need a hardscape first are your walkway and driveway. Hardscapes that look rustic and quaint never go out of style for driveways and walkways. However, the colors and styles will always be up to you. It would also look great if you match the material that you use on your driveway with your walkway. That way, your front yard will have a unifying look that makes it look put together.

Reduce the Use of Fertilizer Landscape Improvements | Landscape Improvements

Reduce the Use of Fertilizer

It’s not just pure sunshine in Florida. Sometimes it also constantly rains. When you use fertilizer, the rain will usually wash it away. Another thing, Florida is filled with bodies of water like oceans, rivers, lakes, bays, and lagoons. So when the rain washes away your fertilizer, there’s a real possibility that it will lead into these water bodies, which the residents and tourists thoroughly enjoy.

Not using fertilizer and opting for other options, like iron and micronutrients, is a better approach. In addition, some areas in Florida have soils that are naturally rich in phosphorus. Thus, eliminating the need for fertilizer. There’s also a fertilizer ban in some counties like Sarasota, Pinellas, and Manatee.

Balance What You Plant

Doing DIY landscaping for your front yard can save you plenty of money. However, it’s easy to lose track and start planting anything you fancy here and there. Remember to balance what you grow in your front yard to minimize the chance of it becoming an eyesore.

In landscaping, the general rule is to maintain one-third of your front yard for planting beds, while the rest of the two-thirds should go to your lawn. Furthermore, you should also anticipate the space that the plant will occupy once it reaches maturity. That way, you can be sure that everything you plant will have its own space to grow without overcrowding its surroundings.

Balance What You Plant Landscape Improvements | Landscape Improvements

Final Thoughts

Landscaping your Florida property’s front yard can be exciting. Doing it all yourself doesn’t just save you money. It will also give you a sense of pride once it’s all done. However, front yard landscaping is a craft that sometimes needs guidance and effort from experienced people. It’s your front yard, after all. It’s what you and your neighbors see first as they drive by or pull up. So it’s better to ensure that everything’s in order and beautiful.

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