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The City of Edgewood, Florida is known for its calm & vibrant residential neighborhood just south of Metro Orlando. Despite the influence of the city life, Edgewood has preserved its laid back vibes because of its close proximity to nature.

It is located 6-miles south of Orlando, but it’s completely surrounded by majestic lakes — Jessamine, Mary-Jess, Jennie Jewel, Gatlin, & Conway.

Edgewood’s residential neighborhood is popular for its beautiful landscaped homes. Most houses come with a well-designed outdoor living space and mini-docks to access the lakes. 

It’s common for Edgewood’s residents to practice good landscaping because of the warm weather in Florida. People here have the chance to grow charming gardens and lawns. This doesn’t  just improve the property’s value, but also improves the quality of life in the area.

Imagine yourself enjoying the picturesque view of the lakes in your own backyard with your family or friends. It’s even more relaxing with a beautiful outdoor patio, pergola, or just a well-maintained garden Landscape Improvements can offer. 

Edgewood: The Best Place for Landscaping 

If you’re planning to relocate in Edgewood, you must consider transforming your yard into a landscaped outdoor living space with fire pits, pools, pergolas, decks, patios, and lounges.

Edgewood and the rest of Florida’s most ideal landscape design should be tropical-inspired with a unique resort feel. The only concerns would be  its humidity, possible hurricanes, and pests.

Other than that, the sky’s the limit for landscaping in Edgewood. If you’re planning to transform your empty yard into a masterpiece with the majestic lakes in the background, you must hire an expert. 

The All-In-One Landscaping Solution Edgewood Trusts

There’s no need  to hire multiple companies to finish different outdoor projects. Make things less difficult by trusting Landscape Improvements to do it all. 

We have been serving Central Florida with  the best Edgewood lawn service since 1992. Our team is composed of experts in different aspects of landscaping – all are driven with passion & excellence.

Our full-service solutions are not only good on paper; we prove it every time we render  our service.

If you’re planning to build an outdoor living space, just reach out to us. No space for outdoor landscape? How about container gardening? This is a perfect solution if you have a limited space. Inquire with us today. 

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