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Which Trees Are Great for Your Backyard?

Which Trees Are Great for Your Backyard | Landscape Improvements

Are you thinking of sprucing up your backyard? You may envision your backyard with a deck for intimate gatherings, surrounded by lush Bermuda grass and colorful flowers. But why not put trees in the mix, too, for a complete nature experience?

Trees can be a great addition to your backyard, just like the typical flowering shrubs and green turf. Apart from adding beauty, your backyard can also benefit from the shade and privacy of trees

We’ve rounded up a list of trees that you can plant that will make your backyard a sight to behold.

1. Dogwood

One of the most popular trees in the country is the Dogwood tree. Its white, pink, or red flowers will announce the arrival of spring in your backyard. There are many varieties of Dogwood, from shrubs to trees. You can plant these varieties from zones 2 to 9 in the United States.

2. Thuja “Green Giant” Arborvitae

Thuja arborvitae, otherwise known as “green giant” arborvitae, is the answer to your need for a privacy screen from your neighbors. It proliferates rapidly, and it can grow up to sixty feet. Thuja arborvitae is green all year, giving your backyard a touch of emerald peeking from under the snow in winter.

3. Saucer Magnolia

The Saucer Magnolia is a flowering tree or large shrub produced from cross-breeding two different magnolia trees. Its dainty pinkish-white blossoms, which resemble saucers, will add color and beauty to your backyard. In addition, the Saucer Magnolias rounded crown makes it perfect for landscaping.

4. Northern Red Oak

The red oak tree is a perfect addition to your backyard for its leaves that turn a distinct shade of red during the fall. This tree has a dense crown, which makes it great for shade. It grows at a fast rate at two feet per year and should be planted in a space that receives full sunlight.

5. Weeping Cherry

The Weeping Cherry can be the focal point in your backyard, with its slender branches that gracefully dangle, sometimes almost touching the ground. They can grow up to twenty to thirty feet tall and spread up to twenty to twenty-five feet. They welcome spring with their white or pink flowers that bloom in clusters of two to five. They grow best in full sun and well-drained soil.

6. Weeping Willow

Weeping willows are known for their weeping, arching branches that allow their silvery leaves to almost touch the ground. They can provide elegance to any backyard with their dramatic appearance of a classic, graceful shape. They can grow up to thirty to fifty feet tall and spread up to thirty to forty feet.

7. Thundercloud Plum Tree

If you want to add a pop of color to your backyard, a Thundercloud Plum tree is what you need. It’s known for its reddish-purple leaves and white-pale pink blossoms that contrast against the leaves. It can grow up to 15-25 feet and provide excellent shade. 

The Thundercloud Plum tree thrives in full sun and needs constant watering during its first year. It can be grown in zones 5-9.

8. American Holly

The American Holly is an evergreen tree whose leaves stay green all year. It bears red berry fruits that serve as food for a variety of birds. It also bears pleasant-smelling white blooms that will be perfect for your backyard. It typically grows pyramidal and can get up to fifteen to fifty feet tall.

9. Sugar Maple

Looking to add color and a dash of fall interest to your backyard? The sugar maple tree makes for a perfect choice. Sugar Maple trees have been known to grow up to 75 feet tall. Once fully grown, the tops spread outwards like a canopy over your yard. During the autumn months, they provide a touch of whimsy to your outdoors with their varying colors. The added shade is a welcome bonus too.

10. Leyland Cypress Tree

If you’re looking for a set of trees that can also double as a fence around your yard, Leyland Cypress Trees are the way to go. A few seasons after planting, these trees become a full blueish-green fence. The best part is that they’re fairly low-maintenance and can thrive in most gardens, though it’s important to ensure they have access to full sunlight at the early growth stages.

Closing Thoughts

Trees are a beneficial addition to any backyard. They offer privacy, shade, color, and food for wildlife. Some of them can also help prevent soil erosion and reduce pollution. However, picking a tree for your backyard will need some research. Although this may sound like a lot of work, the benefits, in the end, outweigh the cons.

Do you want to know what trees will grow best in your backyard? Landscape Improvements can help. With our almost thirty years of experience beautifying the outside spaces of Floridian properties, we can help you, too, in whatever you need. Call us now at 407.426.9798.

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