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What You Need To Know About Low Voltage LED Landscape Lighting

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Today, many people use low-voltage LED landscape lighting for good reasons. These are affordable, easy to install, and can be found in hardware shops, making them convenient to use. Another advantage is that it’s safe for your kids and pets. It’s the ideal light for residential outdoor use.

Can You Get Quality Lighting From Low Voltage?

A misconception is that you can’t get quality lighting from low-voltage LEDs. The truth is, the newer ones provide lighting similar to what you can get from high voltage lights. In addition, since these consume lower electricity, you can install more lights in your garden. You can place it on your pathway, backyard, or even your walls and fences.

How Do You Choose The Right Low Voltage Landscape Lighting?

Know which type of lights will work best for your outdoor needs. Check out our recommendations below.


These are used to illuminate fences, walls, or your facade. They offer a wide beam and a broad wash of light. We suggest this if you want to add security to your home. You can also use a wash light for the same purpose.


Use these at the base of the tree where they can shine upward. You may also place these at the foundation of your home.


You can mount downlights on trees where it creates dramatic shadows on your pathway, patio, or lawn. Most of the time, these have shades that surround the bulb, which prevent side glare.


These work like a spotlight and are recommended if you want to highlight details on your outdoor living space. If you have a beautiful garden bed or a fountain, this type of light will work.

How Do You Design Low Voltage LED Landscape Lighting?

Ready to take on your new landscape project? Here are more tips that can help you.

Visualize Your Outdoor Space

Before you buy your LED landscape lighting, careful planning is necessary. Look around and see which areas you need to place LEDs. Remember, it is more than just the aesthetic appeal of your garden or your backyard. You have to prioritize safety first, so make sure to add lights to pathways, front doors, and outdoor stairs.

Purchase Your Low Voltage LED Landscape Lighting

Once you have a plan, you now know which types of lights to purchase. Take note that there are lights specific to pathways, ponds, and lights to emphasize objects. Also, you can categorize LEDs as non-weatherproof, weatherproof, and waterproof. Here’s a quick guide to knowing where you can use each.

  • Non-weatherproof – Used for indoors
  • Weatherproof – Used for outdoors
  • Waterproof – Used for pools or areas near water

Make it a habit to read the label or directly ask the sales representatives about your light fixtures.

Know the Right Transformer

When you already have the lights, you can also determine the transformer required. For example, if you use 400 watts of lights, better purchase a 600-watt transformer.

Avoid Over Lighting

We know it can be too exciting to add lights to your garden. However, overdoing your lights can affect the look of your garden, and it will seem washed out. Keep it to a minimum and make sure the lights serve their purpose.

You have to check the specific placements of your landscape lighting. Ensure that shovels or plows won’t easily damage these. Always think about your regular garden activities, so you can design your lights accordingly.

If you are too busy to work on your landscape lighting, there’s no need to worry. Landscape Improvements is here to help you. Just let us know your preference and we’ll propose a design that can make your dream garden a reality. Call us right now.

How Do You Maintain Your LED Landscape Lighting?

Outdoor lights are made to have a long lifespan. However, if you do not maintain your fixtures, these can be easily damaged. You can use the steps below to ensure that your garden accessories are in mint condition.

Check the Plants and Branches

Make it a habit to see if there are branches or plants on your fixtures. These can block the light and, at the same time, damage the equipment. You must clear any type of obstruction by cutting or cleaning plants and branches.

Clear the Debris

In some cases, your lights might have mud, dirt, leaves, or debris from insects. Gently remove these from the fixtures.

Look for Damaged Cables

Regardless of your lighting system was installed by a professional, make sure to check the cables and wiring. The cables may be exposed due to weather conditions. In other cases, your dogs or kids who love to dig can unintentionally expose the wiring. Before you bury them back, check for damages. Now, if you are unsure about the condition of your cables, leave the work to the professionals.

Clean the Glass, Metal, and Plastic Components

You can clean the other components of your lights using soapy water and a soft rag. As basic as it is, these should do the work. However, if you want to use other cleaning solutions, always test them first. Otherwise, you can damage your fixtures. For example, distilled white vinegar can work on other metals but is inappropriate for other types.

Why Do You Need To Hire Professionals To Install Low Voltage LED Landscape Lighting?

While there are many available lighting options that non-professionals can install, we still encourage you to hire the services of experts. This is more than just about saving time and effort, and allow us to explain this further.

When you hire landscaping professionals, they can already provide you with lighting designs specific to your outdoor living spaces. They are equipped with the right knowledge and the latest trends to keep your garden update.

In addition, they already carry the best equipment to install the fixture. Plus, they follow strict protocols to ensure that your home is safe.

Let Landscape Improvements Install Your Low Voltage LED Landscape Lighting

Landscape Improvements is the best team to help you with your landscaping requirements in Florida. We can make your garden look fantastic and it will match your low voltage LED landscape lighting.

Call us at 407-606-7326 to learn more about our services. Or you can email us directly at information@landscapeimprove.com

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