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How Much Does Tree Removal Cost

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost | Landscape Improvements

As we all know, trees are beneficial. However, there are certain cases when it needs to be removed. For smaller trees, it is possible to do it on your own. But how about the bigger ones in complex locations?

In this post, we’ll share the cost of tree removal, plus more tips on this topic.

What Are the Factors To Consider for Tree Removal Cost?

To determine the cost of tree removal, there are certain factors you have to consider. These include the size, condition of the tree, and the level of difficulty of removing it. For average-sized trees, it should be around $1,200. For smaller ones, prepare to shell out $400. The price could go up depending on the overall condition and situation of the tree.


For example, if the tree is as big as Maple or Pine trees, the cost will be around $2,000. Remember, these species could grow as high as 100 feet and one would need special equipment to accomplish the task.

Tree Species 

The tree species are as important when determining the cost of tree removal. Think about this. If you have an Italian Cypress tree to be removed, it will be easier as the trunk is thin and the root systems are shallow.


Likewise, the schedule to remove the tree should be considered. For example, urgent requirements will cost higher. Expect this to be around two to three times more expensive than the regular price.


When the location of the tree is in an area where there is high traffic, you would need to hire flaggers and even cones. Flaggers alone could cost you around $175.

Crane Rental 

In some cases, experts would still need to use a crane to remove the tree. This could make the rate higher than usual. It should add another $250 to $600 per day.

Travel Expenses

Your location can also affect the overall cost of the tree removal service. If you live in a remote area, the team will also have to account for the extra cost of gas and other travel-related expenses.

Stump Grinding

Once the tree has been removed, there will still be stumps that may be present. Thus, it’s also recommended to grind down the tree stump. This is around $350 and is an added service you can ask from your tree removal company.


Arborists are also known as tree surgeons. Hiring one is sometimes required to assess if the tree should be removed or treated instead. If you must know, learning the real value of your tree can also affect the overall value of your home.

As a rule of thumb, look for a tree removal company that could work with a certified arborist. The cost of hiring is around $450.

Multiple Trees 

If you live in an area where there are multiple trees to be removed, the cost would be quoted per acre and according to tree density.


There are other external factors that can make the removal of trees more challenging. For example, the tree is already dead or leaning. In other cases, there is limited space for the tree to fall or it is located in an inclined area. These will also contribute to the overall cost of tree removal.

When Should a Tree Be Removed?

There are different reasons why one might decide that a tree must be removed. Let us share with you some of the common ones.

  • For safety concerns, a tree must be removed when it is leaning more than 15%.
  • The species will not thrive in the area and are prone to infestation.
  • If there is apparent severe trunk damage.
  • More than half of the tree is unhealthy.

When Are the Best Months To Remove a Tree?

Of course, a tree that could jeopardize one’s safety must be taken away immediately. However, experts recommend removing trees between November to March because there are no leaves. This makes the tree lighter.

Can You Move a Tree to a Different Location?

You can also move a tree from one location to another, and this is called tree transplanting. For smaller species, this service could be around $300 to $800. For medium and large-sized trees, it could cost you more. Remember that not all landscaping companies can do this specific task, so you better ask first, considering the expertise and equipment required.

When To Call Tree Removal Professionals?

Most of the time, you should call professionals if you want to have a tree removed. It’s not an easy task and should be done using the right tools or equipment. Otherwise, you might be putting yourself, and others, in danger.

When a tree is too short and there is no need for a ladder to climb, you may be able to do this on your own.

For such services, you can call Landscape Improvements and our team will gladly work on your requirements. We can remove the tree in no time!

How Can You Save Money Before Hiring Tree Removal Services?

Tree removal services are not cheap. However, you can save money by clearing some fallen branches or other obstacles. Also, it’s best to wait for an off-season before you schedule the tree removal.

Can You Remove Trees on Your Own?

While we encourage you to call professionals to remove trees, there are instances when you can do it on your own. If the tree is 30 feet tall or near the power lines, don’t do it by yourself. But for smaller trees and if you think you can handle a chainsaw, here are a few things to consider.

Prepare Your Tools

You should have the following tools at hand:

  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Work Boots
  • Hard hat
  • Hearing protection
  • Chain Saw

Check if Permits Are Necessary 

You might want to see if you need to secure a permit before removing a tree. The last thing you would want is to face legal concerns.

Remember that you would be liable if someone gets hurt or if a property gets damaged. Thus, you need to be extremely careful. Or better yet, just let the experts do the job for you.

Let Landscape Improvements Professionally Remove Your Trees

It’s already established that tree removal is not a job for everyone and should be done by professionals. At Landscape Improvements, we have the right workforce and the equipment to do the job the most efficiently way.

If you want to spare yourself from that hassle, call Landscape Improvements and let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Call us at 407-606-7326 to learn more about our services. Or you can email us directly at info@landscapeimprove.com.

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