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What Does a Landscape Architect Do?

What Does a Landscape Architect Do | Landscape Improvements

Your property’s outdoor area is far more important than you may realize. It can change your mood or improve productivity. It can also boost your home’s value.

It is a given that most homeowners want to improve their property value. Some may want a pool built in the backyard or have the front yard landscaped. Some will take on the project themselves while others might ask a friend who’s good with plants to design their garden.

You need a landscape architect if you want the job done right. This article will tell you what you need to know about the profession.

What is a Landscape Architect?

A landscape architect is a licensed professional who practices landscape architecture.

Landscape architecture refers to the planning and design of outdoor areas and landmarks. There are many environmental or aesthetic reasons to design and change the outdoor environment. It can also have an impact on social interactions. The environment designed or changed can also be natural or man-made.

What does a landscape architect do? Landscape architects do many things. They design functional and attractive public spaces, like parks or playgrounds. They also design gardens, college campuses, and residential areas. They plan the locations of trees and plants and determine the location of roads, walkways, and buildings. Their goal is to design outdoor spaces that are easy to use and in harmony with nature.

It is not easy to become a landscape architect. You’ll undergo years of study before you can apply for a license. The licensing process is a rigorous process that varies per state. You must have the appropriate degree. You will also need to work with a licensed landscape architect. You should also pass several technical exams.

What is the Difference between Landscape Architect and Landscape Designer?

Landscape architecture has such a wide scope it’s divided into several sub-categories. You have landscape design and urban planning. There’s also environmental restoration and more. But a landscape architect and a landscape designer are two different entities.

Landscape architects have a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture. They have passed the required exams and they’re licensed by the state. They have the expertise and experience to handle challenging problems, like:

  • Retaining walls
  • Drainage and irrigation systems
  • Steep slopes
  • Designing hardscapes and outdoor structures
  • Designing and solving problems about parking areas and driveways
  • Planning and restoring natural places like forests, wetlands, and mined locales


Most landscape designers are self-taught. They have an affinity with plants. Some are passionate gardeners. Others have studied landscape architecture or have trained under a licensed landscape architect. But the main difference between the two is that a landscape designer is not licensed by the state.

Why You Need a Landscape Architect

You need a landscape architect for the same reason you get an architect or engineer. They have the education, skill, and experience you need to complete your project.

Many homeowners are willing to hire an interior designer to renovate their homes. But it’s surprising that they don’t place as much importance on their outdoor space. One reason could be that they’re not aware of the benefits of hiring a landscape architect. Some don’t know how much does landscaping cost. They believe it’s too expensive. Or they believe they can save money with a landscape designer or contractor.

Here’s why you’re better off working with a landscape architect:

  • They can come up with the best plan for your property. They’re trained to look at the landscape as a large system. They can see your property’s good features and problem areas. They can then create a good design from there. You’re assured it will look the way you want while addressing potential problems.
  • They’ll bring your vision to life. Every homeowner has their unique style and needs. A landscape architect will listen to you and understand what you want. They can even improve on your ideas in amazing ways. They will also do this while following safety regulations and city design codes.
  • They know how to maximize your property’s value. Landscape architects look at an outdoor space with a critical eye. They know the right way to heighten visual impact so you get the most curb appeal. They can determine the best approach to your property where people and cars can move in a free manner that doesn’t ruin the aesthetics.
  • They can manage the whole project. Many homeowners don’t realize that some landscaping projects take time. Putting in a backyard kitchen might look easy on paper. But it could entail electrical work and installing safety procedures that take time. A landscape architect can track the project to ensure it’s done right.
  • They can overcome site complications. You never know what problems you’ll face until it happens. It’s not unusual for a contractor to encounter challenges during the project. For example, the property has a steep slope. Or there might be mature trees encroaching near a power line. A landscape architect is capable of coming up with a solution on the spot. They’re also familiar with the critical regulations.


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