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The Three Main Areas of Residential Landscaping

The Three Main Areas of Residential Landscaping | Landscape Improvements

Investing in quality landscaping is one of the things one should look to prioritize as a homeowner. Many people tend to focus on improving and beautifying the insides of their homes. However, they often forget that the area outside is just as much a part of their residence as well.

Residential landscaping doesn’t just increase your home’s value and curb appeal. It also gives the house and its tenants a positive impression from neighbors and people viewing the home.

Three Major Areas in Landscaping

There are usually three main areas that you should consider when landscaping the outdoor space. You can compare these significant areas to the rooms or places inside your home, wherein your landscape design should connect all three while serving their purpose at the same time.

Often, each area is separated from the others by greeneries or physical boundaries. However, it is best not to close each area off completely to allow movement to flow between them. It’s the same thing as not blocking the hallways inside your home.

  1. The Public Area

The public area is what’s visible outside the front of your house. It’s what the public sees when they’re standing on the street in front of your home. There should be minimal design and landscaping in this area to make the house the main focal point.

The landscaping should make the house blend in with the rest of the neighborhood. Plants are typically planted in this area to soften the vertical lines of the home and make it appear more natural.

Care tip: Since this area is what the public sees, it’s essential to keep it uncluttered as much as possible. Trim shrubberies, plants, and trees regularly, so the focus remains on the house and its entryway.

  1. The Private Area

The private area, otherwise known as the living area, is the most important to design and develop among the three. That’s because this is where the occupants of the house will spend time since it’s an extension of their indoor living spaces.

This area has to be functional, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing while giving a sense of privacy. Since this area is for outdoor family activities, it often has light and water. It should offer protection from the sun through shades from trees or structures since it will be used when the weather is pleasant and sunny.

Care tip: The private area is used for recreation and entertaining guests. That’s why it’s vital to check the light and water fixtures and ensure that they’re working properly for safety purposes. This area is where pools, patios, decks, or fountains are placed. That’s why maintaining and repairing hardscapes is also crucial for this area.

  1. The Service Area

The service area is not seen from the front but is still easily accessible from the front of the house. Usually located on the rear or side of the property, it’s where garbage bins, compost bins, clotheslines, firewood piles, or tool sheds are seen.

It isn’t possible to make this area as always attractive to look at. That’s why it’s typically blocked from the view of the private area and public area. Screens that are made of plants, hedges, or fences are used to block the view.

Care tip: Ensure that the screens are well maintained so that they’ll effectively block any unsightly view. Make sure that the plants or hedges that separate this area are well-nourished, or if it’s a fence, that the material doesn’t need any repairs.

The Importance of Maintaining a Proper Landscape

When it comes to maintaining your landscape, the first reason that comes to mind may be for aesthetic quality. And that’s correct. Landscape maintenance is for keeping the outside area of your home attractive. It helps increase the home’s value if you’re selling your property or improve your home’s curb appeal in the neighborhood.

However, the overall importance of maintaining a proper landscape is to take care of the investment you’ve made on your property. Regular maintenance will ensure that you are on top of things, thus creating less work in the long run. Also, your outdoor space will look healthy and aesthetically pleasing for several years to come.

Final Thoughts

The outer area of your home needs as much attention and care as the inside. Designing and landscaping your outside space so that significant areas will have continuity and separation while performing their function is just as important.

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