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Top Reasons Why Installing Drainage in a Lawn Is Important

Top Reasons Why Installing Drainage in a Lawn Is Important | Landscape Improvements

Your dream home needs a well-maintained lawn to go with it. After all, you want your home to be beautiful inside and out.

Outdoor spaces have become even more important this past year as people were staying home more. Yards have become a haven for many. Many people have started doing gardening or exercise to relieve their stress. Now some homeowners are even using their lawns as an extension of their living space. It also helps that the right lawn landscaping ideas can boost your property’s value.

Most homeowners focus so much on the greenery that they often forget about yard drainage. It’s not as exciting as seeing flowers bloom, but it’s a crucial part of your property. It will help keep your garden and home in excellent shape for years. This article will tell you why installing a drainage in a lawn is important.

What Is a Drainage System?

A drainage system is an essential part of any landscape design for front yards. It’s a system of pipes buried under the ground, and the pipes will help remove excess water from your yard. While water is vital for the grass, trees, and plants, too much can cause many problems. However, a proper drainage system is beneficial to your property.

Reasons Your Lawn Needs Proper Drainage

  • Prevent Stagnant Water from Forming

The formation of water pools in your yard can wreak havoc on your yard. Standing water caused by rain and poor drainage can result in a muddy outdoors. The muddy and slippery surface could cause accidents to those on your property. Stagnant water can also damage plant and tree roots. You might soon find your front yard landscape plants and shrubs dying.

Pools of water are also the breeding ground for mosquitoes and bacteria. You don’t want these pesky insects in your home. You also don’t want to put your family’s health on the line with whatever bacteria will grow in a swampy backyard. The wet ground also attracts vermin-like rats. They’re not the type of animals you want on your property.

  • Avoid Moisture in Your Basement

The lack of drainage doesn’t only destroy your landscaping, it can also damage your home’s foundation. Water flows through your lawn faster during storms. The flowing water can push its way through the cracks in the foundation if there’s not any drainage. It can weaken the foundation and lead to water in your basement.

Moist walls and floors are bad for any home. It encourages the growth of molds and fungus. You and your family will become exposed to these substances. This could lead to health problems.

  • Stop Soil Erosion

The ground in your yard is in danger of erosion during heavy rains or excessive watering. The soil will become displaced and end up in other parts of the yard. Standing water will damage your garden soil and can lead to root rot. Soil erosion will also leech away nutrients that plants need.

Erosion can also be dangerous if there are slopes on the property. The soil can wash away and result in varying soil depth. The uneven ground can damage your simple landscaping design. It could also cause accidents to the people on your property.

Soil erosion can also weaken tree roots. Poor soil condition is one of the top reasons for a tree falling. Proper yard drainage will direct water away from your yard, so you won’t have to deal with this problem.

  • Keep Your Plants Alive and Well

A proper drainage system will help keep your plants healthy. It will keep the appropriate amount of moisture on the soil. This allows the greenery to get the nutrients they need from the soil and water.

The lack of a drainage system means the ground will remain wet longer. As mentioned earlier, this could cause the roots of your plants to rot. Plants might grow slower and could also drown from too much water. Standing water could also become contaminated and harm the greenery.

3 Drainage Solutions for Your Yard

There’s no reason for you to put up with stagnant water on your lawn or a muddy yard. There are several solutions open to you.

  • Adjust your landscape. Some properties don’t need a full drainage system. A simple change in the landscaping design ideas can work wonders. Furthermore, you can have the landscaper create a creek bed. Use natural rocks to direct water away from low areas. You can also group plants that need a lot of water in the area where puddles often appear. You’ll then have your very own rain garden.
  • Use a French drain. This is a favorite among landscapers. The builder will dig a trench around two to three feet wide and six feet deep outside the yard. A drain is set in the trench along with some rocks. Gravity will cause water to flow from your property to the French drain.
  • Add drain pipes. It works on the same principle as a French drain. Instead of a trench, a pipe connects to an underground drain. It then pumps the accumulated water to a spot that doesn’t get enough water.

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3 Drainage Solutions for Your Yard | Landscape Improvements

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