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Best Garden Plants for Sunny Areas

Best Garden Plants for Sunny Areas | Landscape Improvements

There’s nothing like planting and growing plants. It’s a relaxing and fun activity. The right plants can turn a simple landscaping design into something unforgettable. You can have that vibrant garden, but it can be challenging in places with a hot climate. It’s why you should take the time to choose the best garden plants for sunny areas.

Tips for Landscaping a Sunny Yard

A sunny garden is a boon as much as it’s a challenge. It would be a mistake to leave it empty though. A good landscape design for front yards can make you feel good. It will also make your home beautiful and increase its value. Here’s how you can handle this:

  • Choose a style that reflects your personality and lifestyle. For example, if you don’t like a lot of fuss, choose plants that don’t need a lot of care.
  • Go to your local nursery and do some research. Ask local gardeners for advice on how to start landscaping your yard. Ask what native plants are ideal in full sun areas and which ones can thrive in the shade. You should also inquire about the kind of creatures they will attract to your garden. 
  • Mix sun-loving flowers with ornamental grass. They can create a lush cover for your yard. Bright flowers like black-eyed Susan and lavender will provide a pop of color to the greens. 
  • You should start planting from the back to the front of the yard. This means trees and shrubs are at the back since they’re taller. The height of the plants should be shorter towards the front. This will allow you to see them all.

Best Garden Plants When You Have a Sunny Yard

Choosing the right plants is critical to your garden’s design. There are several factors that would affect your garden’s success. You should consider the environment first. Plants that need full sun won’t thrive in the shade. You should also think about the water requirements, type of soil, and even the size of the plants.

Here are some suggestions on the best plants to grow when you live in a sunny place.

Agave Plants in The Field | Landscape Improvements


You should start growing agave plants in your garden if you want to save water. These plants will also add drama to your landscape. Agave plants have eye-catching foliage. The different variants come with undulating or curled leaves. Some have striped markings or silver-blue colors. You can grow agave plants on the ground or in containers. They should be in a spot with plenty of sun. Agave plants can survive long periods without water. Plant them together with aloes and cacti to create a drought garden. They’re also great accent pieces if you pair them with ground covers like a sedum.


The coreopsis is the perfect flowering plant if you want a garden that exudes cheer. It has golden blooms and is also known as the Florida state flower. Yellow might be the most popular color, but you can also find orange, red, and pink varieties. This plant grows well under the full sun. But it will also be fine in partial shade. It is drought tolerant once it’s stable. Make sure you plant it in well-draining soil.

Bright Pink Magenta Bougainvillea Flowers | Landscape Improvements


The bougainvillea is a popular sight in many tropical countries. The shrub is often found in Argentina and Brazil. It also thrives in Asia or any place that can mimic a hot and humid environment. This woody shrub can grow up to 30 feet high. You can let it climb on the wall of your house or over a pergola. It can become a bonsai, a hedge, or an upright bush. It’s a tough plant that can survive drought and salty water. Place it where it will get the most light and you’ll enjoy its papery leaves in spectacular colors.

Blooming Salvia flower | Landscape Improvements


Salvia Farinacea or Blue Salvia is a great plant to have if you want to have flowers all year round. Salvia has spires of white, violet, or purple flowers. It blooms from spring to fall in the southwest United States. Butterflies and bees love Salvia so it’s a good choice if you’re making a pollinator garden. It doesn’t need a lot of care and can be grown in planters. It can survive drought and flourish in hot, dry places.

Bicolor Caladium In Red And Green Leaf | Landscape Improvements


Caladium is another near-perfect plant for the lazy gardener. People love Caladium for their colorful foliage that comes in a wide spectrum of colors. Some have massive leaves while others are small and heart-shaped. They’re great in window boxes and mixed randomly among other greenery. They’re popular border plants too. They like the sun but can survive several days of rain. They do go through a dormant stage when the weather cools.

Cuphea Hyssopifolia | Landscape Improvements

Mexican Heather

Mexican Heather or Cuphea is a favorite among gardeners. They’re small but dense. They’re perfect as ground cover or as a border in flower beds. Their dark green leaves and pink or white flowers also look good when planted en masse. You can find the Mexican Heather in warm states. It prefers full sun or partial shade. It’s a hardy plant that can survive with very little water. The best part is that you can plant heather and forget about it.

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