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The Difference Between a Terrace and a Balcony

The Difference Between a Terrace and a Balcony | Landscape Improvements

Outdoor living spaces don’t just provide a comfortable area outside for us to hang out. They also add charm and value to our properties. Now you may have outdoor living spaces in your home, or you happen to see one at your friend’s house, but you just can’t seem to tell which correct name it goes by.

You’re not alone. Most people are clueless about what to call these outdoor structures and tell them apart from one another. A good example is differentiating between a terrace and a balcony.

Read on and learn the difference between a terrace and a balcony so that the next time you give a house tour or if you’re putting your property up for sale, you know you’re calling them by its proper name.

What’s a Terrace?

The word “terrace” came from the Latin word “terra” for earth since terraces are typically built on the soil as raised, flat, open spaces. But they have also evolved into open communal areas on rooftops.

A terrace can either be attached to a building or free-standing. Today, they serve a multitude of purposes like open gardens on rooftops in urban areas, especially when the busy city doesn’t have enough space.

They can also work as a communal place for get-togethers, small parties, or a relaxation spot that connects the property’s outdoor and indoor living space.

What’s a Balcony?

The word “balcony” came from the Italian word “balcone,” which means large window since most balconies are accessible through a large window. A balcony is an elevated platform that protrudes from a building’s wall and is usually supported by columns and enclosed by railings.

A balcony functions as an extension for the indoor living space. Some would even decorate it to form a mini garden, especially in living areas where space is limited, like in condos. One advantage of balconies is that they enable the occupants of the home an instant experience of the outdoors without leaving their floor space.

What Are the Differences Between Them?

There are several differences between a balcony and a terrace, and the most obvious of these is the size. The latter is roomier, and therefore more versatile, compared to a balcony. Due to their difference in size, their usage also sets them apart. A terrace can accommodate a party while a balcony’s space is usually for one person, or it can sometimes be a cozy space for an intimate and romantic dinner for two.

Another difference between the two is their accessibility. While people can access a terrace through multiple points, people can only access a balcony through its attached room.

Terraces and balconies differ in the way they are constructed as well. The former can be attached or detached from a building or a house. Balconies on the other hand are affixed to the side of a building or home. Terraces are also constructed on the ground or rooftop spaces, while balconies are built on the second story or higher.

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The Bottom Line

Outdoor spaces allow us to extend our indoor living spaces. They also connect our indoor and outdoor spaces while serving another purpose. These outdoor structures add additional value to our properties, especially the terrace and the balcony.

They’re similar in the reasons stated above, yet they are also crucially different from each other. And knowing which is which may help you in decorating them or in selling your property.

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