Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas

Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas | Landscape Improvements

Patios are a wonderful addition to any house. The mere mention of the word immediately evokes family gatherings, relaxation, and happy memories.

The word “patio” is a Spanish word that means back garden or backyard. In common parlance, it’s the outdoor space connected to the house. It can be used for al fresco dining, to relax, and entertainment. There are many benefits to having a patio. Aside from expanding your living space, it adds value to your property. You can also use the space any time of the day.

You’ll need good outdoor lighting if you want to use your patio in the evening.  You’ll have plenty of choices here as there are numerous outdoor patio lighting ideas you can use. Here are some you can try:

Install Path Lights

Path lights are a welcome addition to any garden path. Use it to highlight the way from your patio to the yard. They’re moderately bright, so you can safely see your way around. They’re available in low-voltage bulbs and decorative solar LED units.

You can install path lights on the ground running along the main walkways or stepping stones. Or place them around flower beds to highlight their shape and the colors of the blooms.

Bring on That Bistro Feel with String Lighting

One of the more popular patio lighting ideas is the use of string lighting around your patio. Use string lights to evoke a romantic, bistro-like atmosphere when dining or entertaining out on your patio. These soft accent lights have a low voltage and won’t bump your energy consumption.

You can string them on the eaves or from one deck post to the next. Choose solar-powered or rechargeable battery-powered string lights to minimize the use of extension cords. Look for waterproof ones so that your yard remains illuminated even when it’s raining.

Create the Right Ambiance with Sconces and Wall Lights

Wall lights, like sconces and post lights, are also great options. You can use these as either safety lights or accent pieces. They’re often used to illuminate dark corners. Since they’re low voltage, you don’t have to worry about your electricity bill soaring. You can install them in your pergola’s interior, around seating areas and pools, and on free-standing elements.

Landscape architects have come up with fantastic outdoor patio lighting ideas using outdoor wall lights. Sconces with an open-bottom are a good choice as they cast a large amount of light down. Add them to the posts around your patio to highlight the perimeter. It provides enough ambient light for a relaxed vibe while ensuring your safety and your guests.

Add Lanterns to Showcase Design Elements

Lanterns have an old-world feel that’s perfect when you’re hanging out with your best friends or a special someone on your patio. Lanterns have a soft hue that makes them a great piece for highlighting an arch, a transom window, or a beautiful wreath.

Most lanterns have a semi-flush mounting. They often have a metal and glass casing and are attached to an arm mounted on a wall plate. But you can also use tabletop lanterns for additional visual interest. You can amp up the ambiance by choosing lanterns with a translucent cover. This will diffuse the light and reduce glare.

Use Deck Lights to Keep Safe

Incorporating deck lights on your patio, deck, or garden walkway are also effective patio lighting ideas. These lights often come as a group of LED lights installed in recessed grooves on the surface. You can walk over them safely. You won’t feel them under your feet.

Deck lights come in moderate to high intensities. They are designed to help people go up and down steps safely, minimize visual clutter, prevent tripping, and accentuate interesting garden features.

Highlight Key Features with Spotlights

Discussions about outdoor patio lighting ideas will be incomplete without mentioning spotlights. A staple of landscape lighting, spotlights give out narrow beams of light either upward or downward. This lighting style is utilized to showcase an ornamental feature like a statue or a fountain. It can be installed at ground level facing upwards towards tree branches or posts.

Use bullet-shaped spotlights to illuminate tall objects, like trees or a statue. Place it on the ground or base and adjust the head until you find the perfect angle. Meanwhile, well lights are good for highlighting shrubs or smaller features.

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