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The Basics of Commercial Landscaping Design

The Basics of Commercial Landscaping Design | Landscape Improvements

Many business owners focus on the appearance of their office or store. They put a lot of effort into the interior design to impress clients. Meanwhile, they neglect the establishment’s exterior. And if there is any exterior work done, it is minimal. This attitude is detrimental to your company’s success.

Any good business leader knows a customer’s first impression begins from the outside. One of the best ways to catch a prospective client’s interest is by great landscaping design ideas. Here are the basics of commercial landscaping design you should know:

What Is Commercial Landscaping?

Commercial landscaping refers to the design and construction of outdoor space. Landscapers also install flora and maintain them. But it’s more than planting the right flowers or plants. It also involves irrigation and maintenance of the space. A good landscaping company thinks of how to use patio lighting ideas in walkways.

Or they come up with ways to resolve erosion issues. They will also design a space that reflects the company’s values. For example, a business known for its environmentalism will use native plants. They might also add water conservation features.

What Commercial Landscaping Does for Your Business

  •       Sends Out Your Message

A simple landscaping design can tell the world your brand’s values. You can use landscaping elements to tell your message. Is your company fun or edgy? Dancing fountains and bright flowers make outdoor spaces fun. Meanwhile, a rock garden or a minimalist design looks edgy and modern.

  •       Draws in Prospective Clients

Landscaping can bring in new business. A lobby with a green wall can convince people to choose your brand. A relaxing outdoor space can be a deciding factor for clients. But landscaping also has the opposite effect. People will turn away from your shop if it doesn’t have any shade or if the plants lining the walkway are dying.

  •       Keeps People Engaged with Your Company

The right design can keep people engaged with your brand. The addition of benches, low walls, or a fountain encourages people to stay longer and enjoy the space. Many shops and restaurants saw their sales go up by adding outdoor seating. A landscaped exterior can also help keep employee interest. Your staff can use the outdoor area for meetings, team building activities, or to rest and relax.

  •       Directs Traffic

Companies can also use landscape design to lead people where they need to go. You can create walkways using low stone walls. Paths lined with lush shrubs can direct customers straight to the entrance. You can even highlight the main entrances with dwarf trees or large plants. Aside from directing traffic, it also ensures the client’s safety.

  •       Highlights Your Building

A good architectural design shouldn’t stop after construction; it continues to draw attention through landscaping. You can draw attention to the atrium with a green wall, and a driveway lined with flowering trees is striking. It also accentuates the entrance to your establishment.

  •       Helps Conserve Energy

Energy conservation is one of the basics of commercial landscaping design. A landscaper knows where to place trees that can give shade and act as a windbreaker. These can help reduce your energy consumption. You can also use a building material that can draw water to a storage area. The accumulated water is then used for irrigation.

Tips for Creating an Unforgettable Commercial Landscape

Make a Blueprint

Start by thinking of simple front yard landscape ideas. You can then develop a blueprint for the landscape that you want. A landscaping blueprint will help you create an effective schedule and work environment. It should also include ideas on maintenance and checkups.

  •       Architecture and Landscape Should Complement Each Other

There’s no wrong landscaping style when it comes to businesses. Your company will enjoy any landscaping that looks professional and feels welcoming. But experts say you can do better if the landscaping complements the architecture. For example, tall, lean trees look great framed against a glass building. The key is to find the right balance between appearance and professionalism.

  •       Have Defined Paths

Commercial buildings must have defined walkways. These paths are crucial because they guide people towards where they should go. Design walkways that are large enough to accommodate two people walking together. Paths should be free from obstructions. Install proper lighting to keep employees and customers safe.

  •       Create a Focal Point for Clients

You can draw attention to your business with a focal point. You can create a great focal point using different landscape elements. For example, a colorful grouping of flowering plants can make an impression. Topiary can be a focal point as well. It can catch the interest of a prospective client and improve curb appeal. You can also highlight your brand by incorporating your company logo or colors in the design.

  •       Design a Good Irrigation System

There’s nothing sadder than dying plants along your path as it pulls down company morale and gives clients a negative impression. Your landscaper should have an irrigation system in place. Sprinklers should be placed to cover all plants, and a watering schedule can also help keep the outdoor space green.

  •       Make it Sustainable

Landscape design for front yards should also be sustainable. A landscape architect can design a landscape that adapts to natural conditions. For example, low-maintenance plants are ideal since their appearance doesn’t change. This means your design will stay consistent. Adding rip raps or tree borders can help prevent erosion.

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