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Sustainable Strategies for Commercial Landscapes

Sustainable Strategies for Commercial Landscapes | Landscape Improvements

Climate change is a serious threat to life as we know it. Thankfully, the need to convert to sustainable living practices is slowly gaining ground all over the world. And while awareness is indeed the right step to making a difference, taking direct action is the more welcome development.

To that end, many commercial establishments have adopted sustainable strategies aimed at contributing to the “going green” campaign. Commercial landscapes are among the latest in a line of elements joining the sustainable revolution. And we couldn’t be happier.

Landscapes in commercial properties aren’t just there to beautify the area. They also attract prospective customers and clients and increase the value of the property. However, maintaining landscapes, especially huge areas in commercial establishments, can be a bit financially draining to your business. Applying sustainable strategies can be a great solution to the disadvantage while also protecting the planet.

With that in mind, here are some ways you can apply sustainable strategies for the landscapes of your commercial establishments:

Start Using Recycled Water

Using recycled water in watering your trees, shrubs, and plants can save you money in the long run. It’s one way of conserving water use since it decreases the need to use potable water for irrigation.

Business owners can gather water through rain harvesting systems, cisterns, and retention ponds. Through this strategy, not only can you help in conserving water resources, but you also save money by reducing your water bill.

Get an Efficient Irrigation Program

Smart landscape irrigation is another sustainable practice that’s suitable for vast areas outside commercial properties. To save money while maintaining an attractive aesthetic around your establishment, business owners must ensure that their landscape can look its best without wasting water.

A smart irrigation control system with rain sensors will help prevent overwatering, ensure that your plants and their roots are sufficiently watered, and pauses from watering when it senses rain. You get to decrease your water bill and ensure that your plants are being adequately watered at the same time.

Plant Low-Maintenance Flowers

Flowers are added to landscapes to add a pop of color and increase the property’s curb value and appeal. Instead of planting seasonal flower beds, use perennials instead. Not only is this strategy more sustainable in the long run, but it’s also more cost-effective.

Seasonal flower beds need to be replaced at least four or five times annually, but perennials won’t need that much effort or resources. It would also be beneficial if you choose plants that can thrive without the need for much watering. Here are some examples of low maintenance flowers.

Practice Recycling and Composting

Another sustainable practice is to have zero waste as much as possible. In maintaining a landscape, it’s inevitable to have grass clippings, dried leaves, and shrub cuttings as waste.

However, you can eliminate those wastes through recycling and composting and use them back into your landscape. This “closed-loop” recycling process will help you save money by decreasing your need for fertilizer and paying someone to take care of the green waste.

Use Energy-Efficient Lighting

Landscape lighting improves your property’s aesthetics at night. That way, your commercial establishment isn’t just attractive to look at in the daytime but at night time as well. This practice applies to establishments that serve tenants or customers during the day and at night.

A well-lit outdoors will set your customers and tenants at ease and attract prospective clients as they get the impression that you value their security at night. Using energy-efficient lights like LEDs or solar-powered lights will significantly reduce your energy bill compared to if you’re still using a halogen bulb.

Closing Thoughts

Maintaining huge landscapes in commercial establishments shouldn’t have to take a considerable part of your business’s monthly budget. By applying sustainable strategies, you get to save on profits, establish your business’s reputation as a “greener” commercial establishment, and keep your tenants and customers happy with an attractive aesthetic. Also, the long-term effects of these sustainable practices will significantly benefit the environment.

If you’re interested in creating sustainable strategies for your commercial spaces, it’s always best to work with proven landscape professionals. Landscape Improvements has been around since 1992, and we are one of the leading landscaping services in Orlando, Florida. Call us now at (407) 426-9798 to get started.

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