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Hiring a Landscaper

Hiring a Landscaper | Landscape Improvements

Your home is your sanctuary. It is where you and your family stay in comfort and where you entertain guests. But there is more to your home than the interior. You also need to consider the exterior of your property.

If your front or backyard seems like a jungle to you, hiring a landscaper is not a bad idea. These companies have the knowledge and the skills to make your yard more presentable. You’re probably wondering, “How much does landscaping cost?” The answer depends on the scope of work, the space available, and the turnaround time.

How Much Do Landscapers Make?

The answer will depend on what position the landscapers are in the company. For example, entry-level workers charge between $9 to $12 per hour. Those who have a few years of experience on them can ask from $12 to $15 per hour, while the experts can go as high as $17 per hour. You should take this into the equation if you are wondering, “how much does a landscaper cost?”

How Much Does It Cost to Landscape a Yard?

What is the cost of landscaping the front yard? According to Fixr, the average cost of landscaping a yard is between $8,000 to $15,000. Those who have a quarter acre of land will typically spend an average of $10,000. The lowest that you can get for this size is $3,000 at best.

So, how much does landscaping cost per square foot? The average price per square foot ranges from $5 to $20. This depends on what you want to do with the said area. The average price will also change based on the materials and plants used. Other factors can affect the average cost too. Think location, the type of landscaping done, and the duration of the work.

How Much Do Landscape Designers Make?

Homeowners tend to spend around $100 per hour on labor. The price will go up when you hire a landscape architect to design a plan for you as you are paying for their knowledge and skills. How much does a landscape architect make per project? Usually, they charge their clients $200 per hour. The price will go down once the actual work on your yard begins.

Why Hiring a Landscaper Is a Good Idea

So, you know the answer to the question, “How much does landscape design cost?”. The next question is, should you hire a landscaper? Understandably, you want to save money. But doing the work yourself is not advisable. Not only will this take time, but mistakes can happen too. There are several benefits to hiring an expert which you need to consider.

Time Saver

A professional landscaping service gets the job done fast. Right from the start, the landscape architect can draw up a plan for you, which can take a few hours to complete. Once you approve the design, they can begin to work on it. Most landscaping services have several employees under them, which means that they have the manpower to get the work done in a short time.

Fewer Issues

Another plus to hiring experts is that there will be fewer problems to deal with. They already know where to place the items in your yard right from the start. They can also spot problem areas when they check your property.

Fits Your Budget

If you have a specific budget in mind, a professional landscaper will be able to work around it. It is important to discuss this with the landscaper right from the start so that they can plan for it. A professional landscaper will be able to give you good value for your budget.

Tips on Hiring a Landscaper

Searching for a landscaping service to work on your yard will yield more than a dozen options in your area. Here are a few tips to narrow down your search:

Check the Kind of Work You Want to Do

Knowing what kind of work you want for your yard is useful in searching for a landscape company. It is possible to narrow your choices based on their specializations.

Check Their Credentials

Do a background check on the landscape company at the start. This will help you avoid any complications during the project. Ask for a business license or check with your local government whether they are legit or not.

Read Reviews

Read reviews about the company to get a feel for them. There are plenty of independent websites that review companies that you can check. Reading customers’ feedback will help you determine if the company is the one for you.

Know Their Prices

How much does a landscaper make? Aside from this question, you should also ask for their prices at the start. This way, you will be able to estimate your budget for improving your yard. Don’t forget to compare prices to help narrow down your search for a landscaping company to hire.

Improve Your Curb Appeal with Our Expert Landscapers

Your front yard plays a part in the curb appeal of your property. An unattended lawn can be an eyesore to your neighbors, and it also affects the total value of your property. If you want to give your yard a breath of fresh air, you should hire our landscaping company.

Let our experts take a look at your property and come up with a design for you. Don’t worry about your budget because we can work with any amount. Give us a call at 407-426-9798 or send us an email at info@landscapeimprove.com. We guarantee that we will get to you in no time.

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