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Simple Landscape Design for Better Homes and Gardens

Simple Landscape Design | Landscape Improvements

Landscaping your yard can be an overwhelming task. Especially if you are new to landscape gardening. There are several things you have to deal with like the budget, skills, and climate of your region. You also have to consider the personal best landscaping design and how you will be using your yard.

There are also several things you need to deal with depending on the scenarios such as:

  • Purchasing a new home with an existing ugly landscape
  • The landscape used to be nice but changed over time
  • Brand new house with no existing landscaping

How to Start Landscaping Your Yard

How to Start Landscaping Your Yard | Landscape Improvements

There are steps you should take when you don’t know anything about landscaping. Here are some of the things you need to do on “how to start landscaping your yard.”

  • Remove Anything Distracting

Like decluttering your closet, you should get rid of anything that looks distracting. Like garden tchotchkes, wind spinners, gnomes, among others. Remove all the unnecessary plants. These include plants that are half dead and plants that are struggling. You can even remove plants that you don’t like.

  • Layer the Flower Beds

Make sure that you layer your flower borders in three rows. A back row, facing north, with the tallest plants. A middle row is best with medium sized plants. And a front row with the shortest plants. You could use repetition in your planting bed as well as elsewhere in your yard. This will provide unity in your garden.

  • Incorporate Hardscape

You could include evergreens in your garden, which provide structure in winter. Add walls and fences as something to frame your property. You could also incorporate patios and decks. These provide transitions from indoors to outdoors.

  • Use Form and Texture

If you want to spice up your yard with diversity, you should use varying forms and textures. If you have a lack of flowers, you could have foliage. This offers different forms and textures.

Simple Landscape Design for Better Homes and Gardens

Landscape design for front yards | Landscape Improvements

Landscape design for front yards and backyards can be simple. It has the basic principles. These are balance, contrast, focal point, repetition, and rhythm. You need to think about the kinds of plants and objects you will be placing in the yard.

Wondering what is the best landscaping design for the front and backyard? Read on to know the best simple landscape design for better homes and gardens:

  • Add Water Feature

Adding a water feature is a simple landscape design for better homes and gardens. Water is a soothing element to your landscape. That’s because water features emit soothing sounds. It also adds to its visual appeal. You can use water as a sculpture feature, like the fountain. Or you can have a ripple of water falling into a rock-rimmed pool.

You can use pre-formed rigid plastic liners, durable pumps, and flexible tubing. They are actually a lot easier to install.

Light enlivens water. You might want to consider placing your water feature where it will catch the sunlight. This way, you can make the water bounce and sparkle.

  • Integrate Vegetables Into Your Garden

Do you want a garden that is pleasing to look at and functional at the same time? You should plant vegetables in your garden. To have an edible garden, plant vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers in a formal design. Take note of the texture, color, and height. This way, you can create eye-catching patterns. For easy access, divide the beds with wide gravel paths.

When designing your garden, take advantage of flowers that serve as beneficial companions. Several flowers can deter garden pests and attract insects that pollinate plants. For example, Geraniums can repel white cabbage butterflies. Marigolds can repel deer, and petunias can repel potato and squash beetles.

  • Garden Path

A garden path is a good and simple landscape design for better homes and gardens. You can add a garden path for its aesthetic and practical functions. In fact, it is a necessity in almost all gardens. It provides access to garden beds without anyone trampling on the plants. It also serves to keep feet dry and free of mud.

A garden path can create a visual impact. It enhances the structure and landscape design for front yards and backyards. If you want a path that invites further exploration, make your garden path narrow. For a clear destination, you can have the garden path wide and straight.

Determining what kind of material you use for the path’s surface is important too. Mortared brick path adds a structured and formal element to your garden. In contrast, gravel lends an informal air. 

  • Use a Hedge

A hedge is good if you want something that acts as a natural fence. It establishes the garden’s boundaries and adds height. It screens an unattractive view as well. You can use a dark green hedge as a striking backdrop.

  • Include Storage and Work Areas

When designing your garden, you might want to include storage and work areas. You can disguise your tool shed as a quaint garden cottage. Compost bins might even add an attractive design to your garden.

For your storage, you can situate it in a convenient area next to an existing hard-surfaced area. To design the shed, use paint, sconces, potted plants, and other decorative objects. You can also camouflage your storage by making it look like outdoor seating. Using a watertight storage box and topped it with a hinged lid. The lid will double as a bench seat.

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