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Reasons to Improve Your Commercial Landscape

Reasons to Improve Your Commercial Landscape | Landscape Improvements

Landscaping is typically not something that business owners prioritized before. But it has become clear that it should be part of commercial construction. After all, the first thing the public will see is your establishment’s facade and grounds. You don’t want people’s first impression of your business as a hot tarmac devoid of life.

But landscaping is not about putting grass on the lawn or planting a few trees or shrubs to enhance your office. It’s so much more. There are many reasons to improve your commercial landscape. This article will try to explain them.

Commercial landscaping is the planning, design, installation, and maintenance of outdoor business spaces. They have to be appealing to workers and consumers. While they have their similarities, commercial landscaping is different from residential. For one, the landscape architect will develop the space to reflect the company’s value. It also works to soften the harsh angles of the structure. Even a simple landscaping design will benefit any business. So make sure you invest in commercial landscaping.

Top Reasons to Improve Your Commercial Landscape.

 It Secures New Clients and Keeps Current Ones Happy

People spend more time and money at places that look good. A well-kept establishment gives the impression of efficiency and caring service. These are traits you want prospective clients to see.

Your building’s exterior should reflect your company’s values and professionalism. It’s why a well-maintained landscape is vital. It also provides you with leeway to charge more for rent. Research shows that consumers spend more in commercial areas that have more trees. They also travel farther to shop at places with high-quality landscapes.

  •         Makes Employees More Productive

Good employers understand that a welcoming atmosphere affects staff productivity and morale. One way to create a pleasant work environment is through nature. Studies have shown that it helps relax the body and refresh the mind. Workspaces with windows that let in natural light are conducive to job productivity. Indoor plants have a positive effect on workers too.

Outdoor spaces have also become essential because of COVID. Many commercial establishments will develop outdoor gathering spaces for employees, tenants, or clients. Landscape designers will create spaces with eating areas and comfortable seats, and they can even add unique green installations, fountains, or sculptures.

  •         Your Company Can Save Money

Saving money is one of the best reasons to improve your commercial landscape. A landscape architect can ensure that you will have insulation during winter. You can cool a building during summer using the landscape.

For instance, a shady tree can lower your electric bill by 25 percent. It helps the HVAC system work two to four percent better. This will also reduce the company’s energy consumption. People going to your establishment are safe from harsh weather due to the trees and plants.

  •       It Offers Security and Safety

The right landscape design can direct customers to where they need to go. A lot of companies line walkways with shrubs to usher clients to the building’s entrance. It provides a line of vision that ensures safe foot traffic.

However, commercial landscaping is more than shrubs, flowers, and trees. It’s also about lighting and its effects, including security. You can rest easy knowing your clients and employees won’t trip in the dark. It also makes it easier and safer to walk to their cars at night. Contractors use patio lighting ideas often. For instance, you can highlight a specific tree or an art installation with a spotlight.

You can also use landscaping to act as a barrier to keep people out of certain areas. You can use dense foliage to cover electrical boxes or provide a screen for windows on the ground floor.

  •  Landscaping Enhances Your Property’s Value

A property’s value can go up by as much as 15 percent if it looks attractive and well-maintained. It’s why many owners invest in a professional landscaping company. They want to make sure that they can get the best price for the place if they decide to sell it.

People love bright colors and interesting imagery. The right landscaping design ideas enhance your office or building’s appeal, allowing you to attract buyers or new visitors with blooming flowers, lush plants, majestic trees, and stone elements.

  •   Improves Your Status in the Community

Sustainability is one of the best reasons to improve your commercial landscape. Give your landscaper instructions to make the landscape sustainable. It will help cement your status in the community while giving back to nature.

Going green is easy. You can choose native trees and plants. They will be easier to grow and cost less than plants taken from other areas. You can also design your parking lot and other hard surfaces (ex. walkways) to channel stormwater to watersheds. This is a cheap way to store water and prevent flooding. Grass and plants play a key role in capturing pollutants as they can reduce noise pollution too.

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