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Facts About Commercial Grade Steel Landscape Edging

Commercial Grade Steel Landscape Edging | Landscape Improvements

The right landscaping design ideas will make your property look beautiful. It also boosts its curb appeal. You’ll also enjoy your outdoor space more.

Landscapers will design several distinct spaces on your property. This could be a border of flowering plants or bushes. It could be a vegetable garden or a pond. Each space will look better with the right landscape edging.

Landscape edging refers to the material used to act as a barrier in garden beds. You can choose from different types of edging material. Concrete, rocks, and wood are popular choices. But we will be focusing on commercial grade steel landscape edging in this article.

Benefits of Using Metal Landscape Edging

  • It creates a no-fuss, distinct barrier between a garden bed and the grass or a pathway. Steel edgings have a very simple design. This means people will be more focused on the landscape itself. It’s also very thin so it won’t take up a lot of space. It’s a good material for small gardens.
  • It will stop materials like mulch and gravel from encroaching into another space. You won’t have to worry about mulch spilling into a path or another garden bed.
  • Steel edging is very durable. It won’t rot like wood. It also won’t chip, crack, or become brittle due to extreme weather. This type of edging can also resist ground movement. Frost and excessive rain can cause the soil to soften or become unstable.
  • It will last longer. You won’t have to worry about tools damaging the edging when you work on your garden.
  • It’s ideal for simple front yard landscapes. Steel landscape edging is ideal for rigid installations where straight lines are necessary. Garden beds with geometric designs will look better with metal.
  • It requires minimal maintenance. You don’t need to clean, polish or do anything to your commercial steel edging. If it lifts up, you can hammer it back down. It doesn’t change shape so you don’t have to keep adjusting it. If you do decide to change the shape of your garden bed, you can pull up the edging with ease. You also won’t have problems reshaping it to fit your new backyard landscape design idea.

Types of Steel Landscape Edging

A commercial grade steel edging is ideal for a simple landscaping design. The question now is what type of steel you should use. You have two options- steel or aluminum.

· Steel Edging

Steel is superior to aluminum when it comes to strength. It’s thin but it can hold its shape well. It’s so strong that it can withstand the pressure of a car tire. You won’t have to worry about it bending when a heavy object hits it or rests on it. Steel is also good at pushing back against ground movement. It can also stop soil erosion.

You can treat steel so it won’t corrode. This will also allow the material to keep the paint color. You can also go with untreated steel. It will start out as silver but will develop a patina after a few years. It will corrode through. But the process is so slow that it could take as long as four decades before the edging rusts completely.

· Aluminum

Aluminum is also a wonderful choice for various landscaping ideas around the house. Many homeowners like it because it does not rust. An aluminum steel edging is great when the design calls for curves and rounded shapes. It’s not as strong as steel though, which makes it prone to dings and scratches.

How Much Is Steel Edging?

Both steel and aluminum edging will cost more than other materials. They’re more expensive than plastic edgings or bender boards. You can buy metal edgings at most home improvement stores. The cost of these off-the-shelf edgings ranges from $2.50 to $6 per foot. This will depend on the material’s thickness and height. The type of anchoring system and brand will also impact the price

Professional installation costs will depend on several factors. The landscaper will consider your location and the size of the job. The type of metal, design, and conditions of the job site will also impact the project price.

How to Install Steel Landscape Edging

They say using a high-quality metal landscape edging is like wearing a little black dress. It looks elegant and pricey. The challenge for most homeowners is how to install the edging. It’s actually not as hard as you thought.

  • Measure and mark the area. The edging will show where your garden beds start and end. It’s important that you draw the proper placement of the edging. You can use a garden hose to measure the area. You can also use it to mark where the trench will go.
  • Dig the trench. A good garden edging is firm and stable. It will need a trench that’s deep enough to hold it steady. A shallow trench could cause the edging to pop up with every slight ground movement. The depth will depend on the height of your edging. You might have to bury half of it to ensure that it will hold steady.
  • Place the edging. Start the process when you feel the trench is deep enough. You should get half or more of it inside. Most edgings come with stakes. You need them to hammer the edging down. Position them a few feet apart. Use a rubber mallet to push the stakes and edging down.
  • Cut the edging as needed. You can use a hacksaw to score and cut the edging. Make sure that each end will align at the corners.

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