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How to Choose the Right Lawn Care Services for Your Florida Lawn

How to Choose the Right Lawn Care Services for Your Florida Lawn | Landscape Improvements

The benefits of having a lush green lawn are undeniable. From increasing your home’s curb appeal and value to cleaning the air and filtering pollutants out of groundwater, the list of advantages can go on and on. 

However, maintaining a Florida lawn is a huge undertaking that requires time and effort. That’s why some homeowners opt to get lawn care services to ensure that they get a green, healthy lawn even though they have busy schedules. 

But how do you choose the right lawn care services for your property? If you’re asking the same thing, then read more to find out.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at six of the most frequent landscaping mistakes we’ve come across: 

Things to Look Out For

There are plenty of companies that offer lawn care services out there. Sometimes, when you’re presented with too many options, it makes it all the more difficult to make a decision. 


Here are some things to look for when you’re considering a company that offers lawn care services to help you come up with an informed decision.

1. A Team of Trained Professionals

A company that offers lawn care services must have stellar customer service. It’s a sign that the company has an efficient system in place. Also, a good system in place shows they can handle every customers’ questions and concerns accordingly.

You should be able to reach them easily through your chosen communication line, whether it’s by phone, online, or in person. Your interaction with the staff or owners should always be satisfactory and welcoming.

Good customer service also entails efficient handling of complaints and after-sales service. That means they are committed to serving their clients even after the product or service has been given, especially when the customer has concerns regarding the product or service.

2. Excellent Customer Service

Any company can offer lawn maintenance services like mowing, planting, removal, and edging. However, some aspects of lawn maintenance require training and licenses, such as pest control. When dealing with fertilizer, pesticides, and the like, it’s better to leave it in the hands of trained professionals.

Florida’s climate makes lawns prone to various pests. One challenge in maintaining a Florida lawn is bug or insect infestation. Aside from knowing how to maintain your lawn aesthetically, you’ll need a company that also knows how to do advanced lawn care.

Look for a company with an expert approach, eco-friendly methods, and a quick response, especially in cases that need urgent attention, like pest infestations.

3. Provides Customer Satisfaction

Choose a company that aims to provide customer satisfaction. One way to know this is to gather recommendations from family and friends. You can also browse their reviews online to find out what customers have to say about a company.

A lawn care service company should always assure its customers that they are receiving the best services and products. Should a customer feel unsatisfied with the services, the company shouldn’t be reluctant to reassess the services provided and see what can be improved. A company that gives importance to customer satisfaction will always hear out the concerns of its customers and form the necessary solutions.

4. Offers Lawn Maintenance Plan

Find a company that offers lawn maintenance plans that are tailor-fit for your lawn’s needs. With this plan, you’ll know the steps they’ll take on how to carry out their solutions for your lawn concerns. It will also show you a timeline of when they’ll be executing the solutions needed for your lawn.

Ensure that you find a lawn care service company that provides written service agreements. That way, you’ll know the specific services and products they’ll be providing.

Look for a company that won’t just give you a customized lawn maintenance plan but will also keep you in the loop of what, how, and when they plan to do the services.

5. Environment Friendly

Lawn care services will almost always use chemicals that may be harmful to the environment. Make sure that the company you hire is dedicated to being environment friendly, both in what they do and the products they use.

Working with an eco-friendly company will ensure that they will do minimal harm to the ecosystem in your garden. Also, you are sure that you are not contributing to the pollution in your area. For instance, using fertilizers that aren’t eco-friendly can contribute to the water pollution of nearby bodies of water when they get washed away during rainy seasons.

6. Years of Experience

Another factor that may help you choose the right lawn care services is the company’s track record and experience. A company’s years of experience will ensure you that they have dealt with various situations before and have found solutions for them already. So, they won’t be left scratching their heads clueless on what to do when you approach them with your concerns.

It will also help if the company you choose has been providing services around Florida for several years. That would mean that they understand the Florida climate, and they’ll know what works and what doesn’t.

Look for a company that’s been established in Florida for years and has worked with many local property owners. That way, you’re sure that the solutions they offer you are tried and tested since they know their way around Florida landscaping and lawn maintenance.

7. Licensed and Insured

In choosing a lawn care service company, it pays to look for one that’s licensed and insured, especially when it comes to landscaping. Licensed landscapers mean that they received training and are required to follow state and local laws and regulations.

Hiring untrained landscapers makes them prone to injury, especially when operating heavy machinery, such as removing trees. You may also end up liable for property damage, not to mention poor results on your lawn.

Working with an insured company means that they have insurance that will cover any worker injured while working on your property. Some may even have liability insurance which will cover the cost of any damage that may be done to your property.

Final Thoughts

Having a healthy green lawn without effort is possible as long as you choose the right lawn care services for you. Having someone else do it for you is sometimes the better option since they have more training and knowledge, thus guaranteeing results. The only challenge for homeowners would be choosing the right company.

Get your lawn care needs sorted out with Landscape Improvements today. You can be sure that you’ll get quality service from a company that’s been servicing several properties around Florida for years. Get in touch with us by calling us at 407-606-7326 or send us an email at info@landscapeimprove.com.

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