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Don’t Know When to Call for Emergency Tree Removal? Here are Four Times You Need to Get on the Phone

Dont Know When to Call for Emergency Tree Removal Here are Four T | Landscape Improvements

There’s something about a well-maintained outdoor space that makes people feel better. Some trees and picked plants can make a simple landscaping design look like a million bucks.

People often focus on the type of plants and flowers they’ll place in their garden. But trees are also an important addition to any yard. There are so many benefits you can enjoy by planting a tree. They add value to your property. You can also reduce your electric consumption with a few well-placed trees. They provide shade during summers and act as a barrier against the winter wind. Trees also reduce soil erosion and filter water.

It’s vital that you take care of the trees in your yard. Pruning should happen on a regular basis. Cut dead branches as soon as possible. There are also situations when you might have to remove the whole tree.

Signs You Should Call a Tree Service Company

It’s sometimes hard to determine if you need to call the local arborist. Most homeowners don’t know if they should worry about falling leaves or broken branches. Here are some signs you might need help:

  • Tree is leaning. It’s time to ask for help if the tree is leaning 15% more than normal.
  • You see signs of root decay. The roots are critical to the tree’s structural support. Any damage is a cause for worry.
  • There are mushrooms growing at the base. It could be a sign of internal rot or root disease. 
  • You see a lot of dead branches. Remove them as soon as possible to prevent accidents. Dead branches on one side of the tree could mean structural problems.

Times You Should Call for Quick Tree Removal

Trees that have fallen or have broken branches can be dangerous. They can damage your home or cause significant injuries. It might be prudent to have it removed. This is a job best left to the professionals. Here’s when to call for emergency tree removal.

  • Aftermath of a Storm

A tree looks strong but heavy winds and torrential rains can do a number on it. Large branches can crack. Hurricane gale winds can uproot a tree. It might end up leaning on another tree. The branches might be touching your home or the power lines. These are situations that warrant a quick call to a tree removal company.

There are also instances when the tree suffers internal damage. The trunk might have several cracks. It might be hollow inside. Once the tree’s structural integrity breached, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a safety risk. You should contact a reliable arborist after a storm and have them assess the trees on your property.

  • Signs of Disease
Signs You Should Call a Tree Service Company Landscape Improvements | Landscape Improvements

Landscape design for front yards requires regular maintenance. Aside from the regular watering and pruning, you should also watch out for signs of disease. A sick tree will have peeling or brittle barks. The leaves might be turning yellow or the foliage color becomes uneven. Dead branches and knotted roots are signs that something is wrong with the tree. Watch out for fungus and carpenter ants as well.

You should never ignore signs of disease. It can damage your trees if left unaddressed. The tree can become weak or unstable. It could even die. You should contact a licensed arborist if you see signs of disease. They will conduct an inspection and treat the tree if possible. If not, they might have to remove it to prevent further problems.

  • Issues with the Placement

There’s more to tree landscape ideas than planting them in your front yard. Choose the location with care to prevent problems later on. Trees shouldn’t be too close to a house, garage, or power line. The roots could force their way through these obstacles in their attempt to grow. This could lead to cracks on your driveway or upheaval on the sidewalk.

Like all greenery, trees grow toward the light. This could lead to the tree leaning on one side. It’s problematic if it’s leaning towards your house, garage, or where your children often play. Your landscaper will recommend tree removal in these situations.

Your contractor could also recommend the same thing. A tree can get in the way of home construction or landscaping work. A hardwood growing in the wrong place could slow down construction. It might affect an otherwise beautiful view. It might be too tall or lush and the shade is preventing the rest of the plants from growing.

  • Tree Has Fallen

A tree can fall without warning. It might have grown weak from disease. Successive storms might have damaged it until it finally falls. When this happens, there’s no other option but removal.

There are things you should do when a tree falls in your yard.

  • Check that no one’s hurt. Call for medical help first. You can deal with the issue of tree removal later.
  • Check if there are any damaged electrical lines. Call the utility company if you see any downed lines.
  • Take photos for your insurance company.

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