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Why Your Lawn and Landscape Need Spring Yard Cleanup

Why Your Lawn and Landscape Need Spring Yard Cleanup | Landscape Improvements

After several months of feeling cold during the winter season, spring has finally arrived. Your frozen lawn is now thawing, making it ideal for cleaning. Planning ahead of time is also essential to making it happen.

Spring yard clean-up freshens up your home from all the freezing it went through last winter season. This is also the perfect time to re-grow your favorite flowers and plants. Actually, your lawn and whole landscape need some love and care every season.

In this blog, you will know why your lawn and landscape need spring yard cleanup.

Cleaning up your lawn properly is helpful for the grass to grow healthy throughout the whole season. It would definitely be a bonus if your grass can keep its healthy state and vibrant color throughout the summer season. Wouldn’t it be lovely to look at your beautiful lawn every morning while drinking coffee on your terrace? You would also enjoy your home even more knowing that a healthy lawn and gorgeous landscape increases your home’s value.

Prevent soil clogging

Over time, your lawn will eventually lose its natural beauty. Your soil can get condensed and compressed, making it hard for water and mineral-absorption. When your garden soil hardens too much, it could easily kill your plants.

But you do not have to worry because there is always lawn aeration to help you out. You basically have to inject small holes into the soil of your lawn and landscape. With this kind of process, the nutrients, moisture, and air are given enough space to return to your lawn. Here’s what you need to do:

    1. Puncture a number of holes into the ground measuring 1-6 inches deep using a lawn aerator or pitch fork;
    2. Space them 2-6 inches away from each other.


By digging holes, you will also be able to clean up the inner surface of your lawn. It gives room for your lawn to absorb air, run-off pesticides, and fertilizers. Soil erosion is prevented.

Dethatch your lawn

Unfortunately, many objects such as litter, dog feces, dead grass, twigs, stems, dried leaves, and pinecones were deposited on your lawn last winter. They build up on the surface of your lawn and landscape. You have to remove them because they are not healthy for the soil of your lawn. They prevent nutrients and water from penetrating the surface of the soil. In turn, seed germination is prevented, and growing healthy grass is hindered.

Indeed, this is the first thing that you should consider when starting your spring yard clean up project. Rake up all the debris that has been sitting on your lawn all year round.


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