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Landscaping Fall Cleanup: 3 Tips to Ensure the Best Results

Landscaping Fall Cleanup 3 Tips to Ensure the Best Results | Landscape Improvements

In just a few more months, fall will arrive without you even noticing it because of your busy schedule. Dead leaves from your plants and trees will start to pile up. By that time, you would probably need some landscaping fall clean up. In all likelihood, your lawn and landscape need a series of king.

Raking off fallen leaves on your lawn is essential so that your grass can grow healthy on your beautiful landscape garden. As you can observe, grass still manages to survive despite the cold weather. Removing fallen debris and other foreign objects that build up on your lawn will help grass breathe and grow its roots throughout autumn. If you do landscaping fall clean up properly, you can ensure that your grass will endure winter.

Although fall season hasn’t fully arrived yet, it would be better to prepare yourself for landscaping clean up. At least, when fall does come, you can ensure that you know what to do with the debris from your trees and plants. It is important to keep your lawn healthy for gardening and landscaping.

Getting rid of bugs, cleaning underneath shrubs and trees, and clearing your landscape flower bed are few of important things that you should consider for fall clean up. In this blog, you’ll pick three tips to ensure the best results of your landscaping fall clean up.

Take out dead plants

Fall season is the best time to refresh your landscape’s flower beds by taking your dead plants and weeds. Prepare a bucket when weeding for easy disposal. Place all the weeds that you have collected inside the bucket for easy disposal.

Aside from weed sighting, look for dead or decaying flowers and plants that you think you will no longer survive. Remove them from the soil. Gather them into a heap and make a compost pit. This will serve as a good fertilizer for your lawn.

If you are in the mood for some gardening tasks, then you should replace dead flowers with a new batch of plants. Here are some flowers that can be planted during the fall season:

    • Chrysanthemum
    • Pansy
    • Celosia
    • Purple Fountain Grass
    • Croton
    • Flowering Kale
    • Aster


Mowing and trimming your lawn

Before everything freezes in the winter season, it is a great idea to give your lawn some trimming and mowing. Gather all the grass and add them to the compost pit with dead plants and flowers. This will prepare your lawn’s soil to dry out easily for the next two seasons – winter and spring.


Soil Aeration

Aerating your soil will prevent too much water from stagnating. It enables nutrients to reach grass and plant roots. This is done by breaking up small plugs from the soil using a shovel. Its size will vary on how big your lawn is.

Here are some secondary tips to ensure best results in landscaping clean up:

    1. Prune stems and branches of the plants;
    2. Mulching fallen leaves;
    3. Rinse and clean gutters;
    4. Protect your other plants that are sensitive to cold weather;



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