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Why Recycling Your Grass and Leaves Benefit Your Property

Why Recycling Your Grass and Leaves Benefit Your Property - Landscape Improvements

Maintaining your property, especially your garden or yard, may require you to spend a lot on fertilizer. However, most people don’t realize that the nutrients your garden and yard needs are already on your property.

Recycling your green waste is not a new idea; it’s been around for a long time. Green waste recycling is simple, easy, and environmentally friendly. Recycling your yard waste will also lessen landfill trash. With that in mind, your property enjoys the benefit of grasscycling while saving the environment. Sounds good, right?

Nutrients for Your Soil

One of the most valuable benefits for your property when recycling grass and leaves is that you can have a rich, nutritious fertilizer for free. Microorganisms in the soil obtain nutrients from grass clippings and fallen leaves. These microorganisms break down your green waste and return their nutrients to the soil — a win-win cycle.

Turning your green waste into a natural fertilizer will also improve the quality of your soil. It increases your soil’s organic matter, which enhances the nutrient and water-holding capacity of the soil.

Lessens the Need for Chemical Fertilizers

Aside from potentially polluting groundwater, chemical fertilizers can also disrupt the microorganisms living in the soil. Moreover, long-term use of chemical fertilizers depletes the ground of its essential nutrients. Chemical fertilizers are also highly acidic, which negatively affects the soil pH. An acidic soil pH kills the beneficial microorganisms in the soil and increases the likelihood of having pests.

Another disadvantage of chemical fertilizers is that they encourage plant disease. Some chemical fertilizers have a high nitrogen content, which leaves plants more vulnerable to mosaic infections.

Creates a Healthy Ecosystem

Beneficial organisms that will help make your soil more nutritious for your grass and plants and keep the pests away will thrive in your garden. Also, your leaf litter will serve as a habitat and a place where creatures like squirrels, turtles, etc., can forage. You’ll be creating a natural and healthy ecosystem on your property by recycling your yard waste.

Saves You Money

Recycling cut grass and fallen leaves and turning them into fertilizer will help you cut down on your fertilizer spending. Maintaining a yard or a garden may require you to buy fertilizer throughout the year. Add up all those costs, and you may be surprised. Imagine how much money you’ll save when you start recycling and get your fertilizer for free.

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Reduce Evaporation

Grasscycling, which is the term used for recycling grass clippings, maintains your soil’s natural fertility. Apart from that, the layer that grass clippings create shades your topsoil from the sun, thus reducing evaporation. It allows you to cut back on the amount of water for your plants. Aside from saving money, it reduces excessive watering, which washes away nutrients and erodes soil.

Have More Time on Your Hands

Bagging, raking, and disposing of your green waste requires effort and time. When recycling your yard waste, particularly your cut grass, you’ll be able to eliminate all that and give yourself more time. After mowing your lawn, just leave the grass clippings there and let nature take its course. That will provide you with more time to enjoy other things.

Wrapping Things Up

Your yard waste doesn’t have to be a waste. Recycling leaves and grass can have plenty of benefits. Not only is your property reaping the advantage of recycling green waste, but you’ll also be lessening your carbon footprints and saving the environment in the long haul.

Would you like to learn more about recycling your grass and leaves? We at Landscape Improvements can help you so your property can enjoy its benefits. Call us at 407.426.9798 or send us an email at info@landscapeimprove.com.

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