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Tree Landscape Ideas

Tree Landscape Ideas | Landscape Improvements

Many homeowners focus on the house’s design or the interior furnishings but neglect their yard. Your garden is a key element of your property and deserves your attention. You don’t even have to shell out a lot of money for landscaping. A good variety of plants, some hardscape, and a few good tree landscape ideas can transform your yard.

There are several good reasons to landscape your yard. It gives your home a welcoming feeling. You can create pockets of peace that will help lower your stress level. Landscaping can also improve your home’s curb appeal and boost its value by 15 percent. If you’re looking to sell your house, a beautiful garden is one of the best ways to attract prospective buyers.

Trees are assets to any property. They can be the foundation of your landscaping design ideas. They provide your home with privacy, shade, and visual interest.

Here are some tree landscape ideas you can do to have your dream garden:

Add Flowers for Company

You can plant a flower garden near your tree. Its height can be the focal point of the landscape, while the flowering plants will draw the viewers’ eyes down to the ground. Choose vivid colored roses, daffodils, and petunias to make the yard more beautiful.

Make a Shade Garden

If you have a tree with a broad canopy, you should consider making a shade garden at its base. It might seem counterproductive since the ground will be in shadow, but many plants prefer such an environment.

Observe how much light filters through the leaves throughout the day. Doing so will come in handy when it comes to picking the plants for your garden. You can place ferns near the trunk as they like a deep shade. Meanwhile, you can plant impatiens, hostas, coral bells, and magnolias around the perimeter. Don’t forget to make room for a stone path to make it easier to reach and enjoy the space.

Accentuate with Outdoor Lighting

Consider how your trees and garden will look at night. Nighttime lighting is a simple landscaping design that pays dividends. It can make your yard look spectacular at night as well as provide the proper security. You can place downlights at the top branches to give the living area below some soft lighting. Another option is to place spotlights at the base of the tree and focus the beams of light upwards. This will highlight the trees while providing enough lighting to ensure you can walk safely around the garden.

Highlight with Edging

There are instances when you can’t place anything at the base of the tree. This is often the case for trees with exposed roots. But you can still make the tree a showstopper by edging the base with bricks, stones, and even hardy cactus or spiny plants. However, there should be at least eight to ten inches between the trunk and the edging.

Edging is a perfect landscape design for front yards. It’s a good way of highlighting a tree with a distinct texture or brilliantly colored foliage. Edging will also make the area look more organized and cohesive. It protects the tree from pets that might dig around the roots. You can add mulch to add texture and color. The edging would help keep the mulch in place.

Surround Trees with a Deck or Patio

Placing a deck or patio around your tree is one of the best tree landscape ideas you can do.  It looks dramatic and expands your living space as well. You can even cut down on the muddy footprints tracking inside the house as the deck is elevated.

There are several things you need to consider before building a deck or patio, though. Trees change their shape as they grow. The trunk gets bigger, and the branches can curve, creating interesting patterns that could affect your deck’s design.

An expanding trunk could cause the boards to snap eventually. Make sure the opening around the tree is wide enough to accommodate growth. To be on the safe side, leave a two-foot perimeter between the tree and the deck. Branches that extend towards the patio can provide shade, but they can also cause litter. Clean fallen leaves immediately as it might result in termites making a home on the planks.

Did the article give you ideas on how to improve your garden? Then you’ll surely enjoy reading our post on low-maintenance front yard designs.

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