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Top 7 Things to Remember When Mowing Your Lawn

Mowing Your Lawn | Landscape Improvements

Many homeowners have a love-hate relationship with mowing. Most don’t like cutting the grass because it’s a hard and sweaty chore. But they love the fresh and verdant look of a well-manicured lawn. It’s an unfortunate outlook. Even simple front yard landscapes will look amazing with trimmed grass.

There’s also more to mowing the lawn than keeping grass manageable. Regular lawn maintenance can also improve your property’s value. One research showed that turfgrass can boost your home’s value by 15%. Regular mowing also helps control insects and prevents diseases. It also keeps you safe. Burglars avoid well-kept yards since it indicates the home is not empty.

Lawn mowing might seem like a very simple task, but it’s not. When and how you do it will have an impact. Here are some of the things to remember when mowing your lawn.

Don’t Cut It Too Short

Mowing companies are against scalping or cutting the grass too short. A scalped yard could lead to weed infestation. The exposed soil makes it easier for weed seeds to germinate and take root. It also makes it easy for sunlight to reach these seedlings and hastens their growth. Very short grass tends to have a poor root system. When this happens, your lawn becomes vulnerable to damage from extreme weather temperatures.

Keep Mower Blades Sharp

A sharp blade is an essential lawn mowing tool. Sharp blades leave a clean cut while dull ones result in jagged edges. These uneven tears expose the grass to diseases and pests. Make it a habit to sharpen your lawnmower’s blades several times during summer and autumn. You should also consider buying extra blades so you’ll always have a sharp one ready. You should also pay attention to where you’re mowing. Stones or thick branches can dull or damage the blade.

Be Mindful of Your Lawnmower’s Height

The right mower height is also critical to good turf growth. Adjust the cutting deck during summer. It should be higher to let the grass grow taller. Landscape design for front yards looks better if the turf is taller during the hot season. Taller grass provides some shade to the soil and prevents the growth of weeds. It also slows down water evaporation. It also allows for better root development, which comes in handy when water is scarce.

You should again change the height of the mower when the temperature drops. Lower the cutting deck during autumn. You want turf height to be nearer the ground to prevent mold from developing.

It’s Easier to Cut Dry Grass

It’s best to mow the grass when it’s dry. The operation will go faster and it will be less taxing on the equipment. That’s not to say you can’t mow the lawn when the grass is wet. You still can but it won’t be as effective. Wet grass can cling to the deck of the mower. This could lead to clogging.

Blades of grass stick together when they’re wet so when you mow them, the cut is uneven. They also fall in clumps. You must clear the yard of these clumps to prevent the grass underneath them from dying. It’s also not a good idea to mow on damp soil since the lawnmower’s wheels could tear up the grass and leave grooves behind. If you can’t avoid mowing on damp turf, make sure you coat the underside of the mower with oil. This will stop the grass from sticking.

Recycle Grass Clippings

Recycling grass clippings can help make your yard look better. While you should remove wet clumps of grass, dry turf is a different matter. You can leave them on the ground to become fertilizer. Use a mulching blade next time you cut the grass. The clippings are smaller so they decompose faster.

Change Your Pattern

There’s no right or wrong way to mow your lawn. But experts say you should do the edges first. You’ll have more room to maneuver if you do this. One of the easiest patterns to do when mowing is stripes. You can do one pass. Make a 180-degree turn and make the next pass. You should use an alternate direction next time you mow. This will prevent compacted soil and ruts. Weeds thrive in compacted soil, so it’s best to avoid that. The grass also looks better if the mower does alternate passes. Some mowing companies can even do a simple landscaping design with it.

Stay in the Shade

It’s a known fact among gardeners that pruning stresses a plant. It’s also the same for grass. Mowing is stressful to plants. The impact is more serious when you mow when it is hot. Each grass plant will lose more water if you cut them when the sun is high. Their recovery time is also slower. It’s better if you do your mowing during the cooler hours of the day or when there’s shade. Your body will also appreciate not being under the sun.

You should also pay close attention to the shady parts of your lawn. Grass in these areas should be higher. Longer grass blades mean more surface area. This results in more efficient photosynthesis.

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