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Quick and Simple Ways to Care for Your Landscape Installation

Quick and Simple Ways to Care for Your Landscape Installation | Landscape Improvements

Improving your property with a well-designed landscape is an exciting prospect. It’s also a lucrative one. A landscape installation can increase your home’s value. Experts say that you can raise your property’s value anywhere from five to 12 percent. But this will depend on the type of work that is done.

There are other benefits to landscaping. A beautiful outdoor space can bring joy, relaxation and peace. You can also design it so it can be an extension of your living space. The latter has been very important since the pandemic started.

Landscaping is a never-ending project though. The trees and plants you have on your property will need constant care. Any features or lighting elements also need proper maintenance. This article will discuss how and why you should care for your tree, shrub and plant installations.

Popular Types of Landscape Installations

A landscape installation refers to any addition done to your property. Here are the most common ones you’ll see:

  • Planting of new trees, plants, and shrubs
  • Adding fences
  • Building patios, decks, porch
  • Adding an outdoor grill, firepit or kitchen
  • Turf installation
  • Gravel pathways or concrete driveways

How to Take Care of Your Landscape Installations

Know the Dos and Dont’s of Watering

One of the main causes of landscape problems is improper watering. Doing too little or too much will have consequences. You should learn when to water your plants. A strategy many gardeners use is the finger test. You stick a finger into the soil. If it clings to your finger, then the ground is moist. You don’t have to water the plant quite yet.


Another rule to remember is that trees need more water during summer. Water them twice a week when it’s hot. You only need to water them once a week when the temperatures are cooler. You should also group together plants with similar watering needs.

Take Extra Care of Garden Features

Ponds, fountains, or small waterfalls are amazing additions to any garden. Whatever landscape installation you have will need regular maintenance. Always remove any leaves floating on the water. Clean pumps and filters twice a month to prevent clogs. It’s important that they’re 100% operational. You want the water to always be moving and fresh. This will prevent mosquitoes and other pests from breeding.

Aerate the Ground

Adding mulch or new turf is a key component of landscape maintenance. But before you do that, it’s essential that you aerate first. The soil becomes compact over time. This makes it hard for the ground to absorb air and moisture. It causes poor plant growth. The grass in your yard also becomes thin. Loosening up the soil allows nutrients to penetrate it. The ground absorbs water better. Removing plugs of soil or turning it over is the best way to aerate it.

Deep Clean Twice a Year

Every landscaped yard will need extensive cleaning. This is often scheduled during the spring and autumn. Deep cleaning is more than mowing the lawn or trimming plants. Some specialized jobs are also done during this time, like mulching and pruning trees. This is also the time to add fertilizer to the lawn. Plants are either replanted or prepared for cooler weather. You should consider hiring your landscaper to do these tasks. They have the manpower and skill to see it through.

Why You Should Take Care of Your Landscape Installation

Maintaining your garden or outdoor area takes time and dedication. But it’s also rewarding. Here’s why you should do regular maintenance:


  • It helps your investment. A home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. Taking care of the property will enhance its value. The aesthetics can draw in prospective buyers. A beautiful landscape installation also justifies the property’s price tag.


  • It improves your well-being. A lush and clean yard can do wonders for your mental health. Green spaces can relieve your stress and lift your spirits. A clean outdoor space is also pleasing on the eyes.


  • It helps the environment. You can conserve energy with a well-maintained yard. The plants and trees can filter air pollutants. It can also increase oxygen development and enhance the quality of the air inside your home. Installing plant borders, walls, and the right hardscape can also reduce soil erosion.


  • You can keep your family safe. For example, cutting broken tree branches will lower the odds they’ll fall on someone or your home. Fixing pavers will also reduce incidents of slips and falls. Trimming the bushes will also discourage burglars since the home will look occupied.


  • It saves time and effort. Investing some time in your yard makes maintenance work manageable. For example, mowing the lawn multiple times a month keeps the grass neat and lush. Regular plant trimming also prevents overgrowth. You won’t have to hire a professional to do a massive cleanup when the season changes.

Have an Amazing Outdoor Space

Landscaping can change your yard in a wonderful way. Landscape Improvements can make that happen for you. We are Florida’s premiere landscaping company. We’ve been in the business for three decades and have the expertise to back our claim. We do residential and commercial landscaping. We also offer arbor care and install paving and irrigation systems. You can reach us at 407-426-9798 or at info@landscapeimprove.com.

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