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Landscape Design for Front Yards

Landscape Design for Front Yards | Landscape Improvements

After winter, when your front yard has finally thawed, you will soon realize that it needs some improvement. Due to the cold, you will need to replant a few plants and flowers to replace the withered and dead ones. Spring is the perfect time to redesign your front yard to keep it appealing.

Doing a landscape design for front yards is not easy, especially when you’re not familiar with how landscape design works. Hiring a professional landscape artist or architect is ideal but expensive.

Do-it-yourself landscape design is doable. However, it requires dedication and commitment. Landscaping demands research to execute properly and avoid mistakes.

Worry no more because this blog post is for you. We will give you a few tips to achieve landscape design for front yards.

Window Boxes

Window boxes are one of the most common methods in designing your front yard landscape. It is easy to install and maintain.

Install wooden boxes outside your windows and plant them with a mixture of perennial and annual flowers. Here some colorful flowers that you can choose from:

  •       Black-eyed Susan
  •       Amsonia
  •       Baptisia
  •       Astrantia
  •       Daylily

Flower Bed Border

Make a flower bed border below the window boxes to give more space for plants and flowers. Just like window boxes, flower beds are also easy to install. It is also the cheapest landscape design in your front yard.

Simply place stone edges around the flower’s bed border. Add mulch and plant your desired flowers. Match the flowers that you planted on the wooden boxes to have a consistent design.

Recycle Old Wheelbarrow and Bicycle

If you have an old wheelbarrow and bicycle in your garage, it is time to put them to good use. Plant your wheelbarrow with ivy and other flowers. They would look lovely when they grow as they spill over on the wheelbarrow’s sides.

As for your old bicycle, use the front basket as a pot. You can plant roses and daylilies as decorative touches.

Mini Fountain

To make your front yard’s landscape more sophisticated, you can install a mini fountain. It is quite difficult to install on your own, so you might need the help of a professional plumber and landscape artist. Surround the mini fountain with flowers and little shrubs to make it livelier.

Brick Pathway

Give your landscape a rustic vibe by installing a pathway made of bricks. It is quite easy since you will only need to arrange the bricks against each other. Put some green plants along the side to boost its appeal. Add some rose and hydrangea bushes for a touch of color. To make sure that everything is in place, you may use a yard edger.


Install lamps on trees or your porch. We recommend using yellow light to make your front yard warm during the night. Having a well-lit landscape increases its curb appeal and gives you some extra night vision.

We’ll Make Your Front Yard Better Than Ever 

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