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How to Cut Landscape Block?

How to Cut Landscape Block | Landscape Improvements

You can elevate a simple landscaping design by adding a retaining wall or pavers to your yard. A stepping stone walkway provides easy access to your lawn. It also gives you something beautiful to look at. You can also have a statement piece in your garden if you build a brick wall or planter.

Many landscapers love to work with landscaping blocks and concrete pavers. They are sturdy and can exude luxury. Today’s block products use new materials and have more designs. They’re also easier to install than the traditional masonry and landscape stones.

You can even add this element yourself if you have the right tools and know how to cut landscape blocks.

What is a Landscape Block?

Landscaping blocks are construction blocks that come in different shapes and sizes. They’re made from various materials and textures. Architects and landscapers also call them landscaping bricks, wall blocks, and pavers.

Landscaping blocks are easy to install as most have a self-locking flange. It’s a lip with a slight overhang that can grasp the block underneath. The flange design makes stacking landscape blocks simple and fast. You don’t even have to use a mortar or adhesive when using these blocks. But this will depend on the type of blocks you’re using and the project you’re doing. Here are two examples:

  • Landscaping blocks and bricks are often used for freestanding or retaining walls. You can also use these blocks to make raised flower beds or vegetable gardens. A landscaping block with a flange design is good for these projects.
  • Pavers are ideal for working on a flat surface. They’re often used in walkways or patios. Pavers are also cut into customized shapes to fit the space. It also makes them good material for wall accents. You need to use a strong mortar to attach them to concrete or sand.

Best Ways to Cut a Landscape Block

It would be great if your project only involves stacking one brick or paver on top of each other. But it’s rare for landscaping design ideas to be that easy. Even a simple retaining wall will need you to cut or shape a concrete block. There are several ways to cut a landscape block or patio pavers. You can use a hammer and chisel or a power saw.

Cutting a Block with a Chisel

The hammer and chisel method is popular among homeowners. It’s because they’re tools found in almost every house. You won’t be using gasoline or electricity either. All you need is old-fashioned elbow grease. This method is also good if you only need to chip away a small part of the block. Here’s what you should do:

  • Put on eye protection and a pair of sturdy work gloves.
  • Use the sharp edge of your masonry chisel to score a groove into the brick. Make sure you create a groove on all sides of the block.
  • Place the landscape brick on the ground or any hard surface.
  • Position the chisel on the center of the scored line. Strike the chisel with a drill harder until the block splits.

Cutting Using a Circular Saw

Put on protective gear. Make sure you wear eye protection and work gloves. You should also wear a dust mask and hearing protection. These are essential when working with a power saw. Read the saw manufacturer’s instruction manual on safety and use.

  • Mark the cut you want to make on the block using a circular saw. Clamp the paver or brick to a stable flat surface once you’ve scored it.
  • Cut the landscape block. Don’t apply too much force on the block. Let the saw and blade do the bulk of the work.
  • Back the blade out of the brick every 30 seconds or so. This is to prevent the saw from overheating. You might need to make several passes of the saw if the block is thick. Make sure you lower the blade with each pass. Another strategy is to turn the brick to ensure you cut it on all sides.
  • Cutting through a concrete block will result in the dust. Accumulated dust can cause problems with the saw’s motor and your health. Check the saw’s instruction manual on the proper way to blow dust out of the equipment.

Cutting with a Power Saw

A wet saw or concrete saw is a good alternative if you don’t have a circular saw. They’re also good tools when you have to make many cuts. You have to make sure the saw and blade are appropriate for the material.

Cutting with a Stone Splitter

A paving stone splitter is a popular landscaping tool. It’s the best tool when you have a lot of blocks or pavers to cut. The work is also cleaner and faster.

  • Mark the stone using a pen or marker.
  • Place the stone under the splitter’s blade and pull the lever.

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