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How to Become a Landscape Architect

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Landscapes contribute to the well-being and quality of life. They provide a broader context within which people live their lives. Pleasing and meaningful landscapes enhance everyone’s sense of wellbeing. Moreover, visiting undeveloped landscapes enables people to reconnect with nature.


Landscapes also act as environmental cleaners. They play an important role in capturing smoke, dust, and other impurities. A well-maintained and healthy lawn can help as well. They absorb drastic runoff of harmful chemicals. That is because they act as storm-water absorbents.

How to Become a Landscape Architect

Landscape architecture is important to the environment for plenty of reasons. It allows less use of resources and produces less waste. It also supports recycling and uses policies that achieve long-term results.


Landscape architects work with the man-made and natural environment. They create wildlife habitats and innovative spaces. They also install sustainable infrastructure and thriving communities.


Landscape architecture is an important career. People hire landscape architects to project manage public and private spaces. These include single and multi-residential areas, public parks, and playgrounds.


The specific responsibilities of a landscape architect include the following:

  • Preparing site plans, cost estimates, and specifications
  • Meeting with engineers, clients, and building architects to gauge project requirements
  • Identifying and selecting appropriate landscaping tools and materials
  • Analyzing environmental reports on land conditions
  • Inspecting landscape progress
  • Marketing and presentations to get new clients

Are you thinking of becoming a landscape architect? Read on to find out how to become a landscape architect.

  • Complete a Bachelor’s Degree

The first step on how to become a landscape architect is for you to have a bachelor’s degree. Landscape architect students take several courses. They are also often assigned projects that offer hands-on experience. The degree usually takes around four to five years to complete.

  • Pursue an Internship

Before you get a license in landscape architecture, you need internship experience. You can complete an internship during your educational studies. Or you can wait until your education is complete and pursue a job as a trainee.


During your internship, you will work under a licensed landscape architect. You will learn to improve your technical skills. You will also gain an understanding of the day-to-day operations in landscape architecture.

  • Get a License

There are states that need landscape architects to have their licenses. They need to pass the Landscape Architect Registration Examination. Keep in mind that standards for the examination vary state by state. Some may have state-specific competency exams based on characteristics unique to each state.

  • Consider Advanced Education

You should consider getting a master’s degree in landscape architecture. A master’s degree is not needed before you begin working in this role. But it may boost your employability and increase your earning potential.

  • Join a Professional Organization

Do you want to network and establish yourself as an expert in your career? You should consider enrolling in a popular professional organization for landscape architects.

Some professional organizations include:


The American Society of Landscape Architects. It represents landscape architecture in the United States. It dedicates itself to education and advancing knowledge. It also helps in broadening the skillset of landscape architects. Moreover, it offers continuing education classes to landscape architects. This is to assist them with maintaining licensing requirements.


The Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture. It provides opportunities for communication and personal interaction between educators, practitioners, and students.

How to Draw Landscape Design Plans?

What is landscaping design? Landscaping design is the arranging and modifying of features in a landscape. It involves planning, designing, and managing open spaces. This is to create urban and rural environments.

If you want to draw your plan, you pick up some large-size paper, a pencil, and an eraser. More complicated drawing tools can help you too. These can help keep your lines straight. They also maintain consistent sizes for the elements of your landscape.

Do you want to create a functional landscape design? Read on to know how to draw landscape design plans.

  1. Measure the lengths of all edges of your property. And draw the outline of your yard on paper.

You should get estimates for what this new design is going to cost. Measurements cut guesswork. It also gives you the confidence of knowing that your plan will work. You should invest in a 100-foot tape measure. This is to avoid the frustration of marking off 12-foot lengths. Then, add them up to get a reading on your 400-foot side boundary.

  1. Measure and draw in the outline of your house. Make sure that you place the house exactly where it sits on your lot.
  1. Measure and add any outbuildings that currently exist. After that, you should draw in other elements. Show their locations in relation to known measurements.
  1. Measure and draw in whatever paving is already in place and that you want to keep. You should not assume that the right angles and parallel lines are always perfect. Make sure you verify the distance between objects.
  1. Measure and draw existing fences, big trees, and any other current features you want to keep. Make sure you state the precise location of a tree trunk or plant. You can do that by measuring the distance from it to two known points. These include the two corners of the house.
  1. Go to your local copy shop. After that, run off a half-dozen or so copies of your base plan.

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