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Everything You Need to Know About Container Gardening

Everything You Need to Know About Container Gardening - Landscape Improvements

No space? No problem! Whether you live in a high-rise, an apartment complex, or a small house in the suburbs, you can still have the garden of your dream with container gardening. This article will tell you everything you need to know about container gardening.

Container gardening is growing plants in containers instead of on the ground. You can use practically anything for a container, from terracotta pots and old bowls to wooden planters. More and more people realize the beauty of this type of gardening. It saves space and is very mobile. You can move your pots and arrange them however you want to. Since you can reuse your old containers, it won’t strain your wallet, and you can help the environment in the process.

There are no limitations to the type of plants you can grow in your container garden. From flowering plants to dwarf trees, they can all thrive in containers.

Are you ready to start? Then here’s everything you need to know about container gardening.

Brainstorm Lawn Landscaping Ideas

You should have a general idea of what kind of garden you want to have before starting on your container garden. Start things off by making a vision board for your yard. Check sites like Pinterest for inspiration. You can pin or cut out any idea for landscape design.

Once you’ve finally settled on a garden style, you can take inventory of your garden. Take note of the position of the sun and whether some areas are too windy. Pay special attention to the landscape’s features and condition.  You should then list what you wish to have in your garden. You can also sketch some designs and layouts, which will help you determine where you can put the pots and containers.

Not All Containers Are Equal

The containers you use will have a big impact on your plants. You should choose your pots and containers carefully as these will hold your plants for a long time. Your seedling and plants will grow better and stay healthy when they’re placed in the appropriate container.

As a rule, you want the pot to be large enough. Flowers like lavender need one that’s 12-16 inches in diameter, while vegetables like lettuce or radishes grow better in containers that are 8 inches deep. As your plants grow you can always replant them in a larger container.

Drainage Is Important

Your plant’s survival depends on the pot’s drainage. Good drainage helps your plants get the right amount of nutrients while keeping the root system healthy. Soil that doesn’t drain well will lead to root rot, so make sure the container you’re using has enough holes to ensure excess water drains out.

A lot of garden pots have poor drainage. You can remedy this by drilling more holes or carving out existing holes to make them larger. Small to medium-sized pots should have at least ½ inch drainage holes, while large ones should have at least one inch.

Prepare the Right Soil

The soil you use can make or break your container garden. It’s best to invest in good quality, organic soil, which is a mix of peat moss, organic substances, and perlite. Some will even have a slow-release fertilizer.

Make sure the soil you’re using isn’t leftover from the previous year. Old soil might be carrying a disease. They’re also infused with fertilizer salts, and the soil is so compact that water might not drain properly.

Preparation is the Key to Healthy Plants

Make a plant list before heading out to the nearest nursery or hardware to purchase plants and the usual tools.  Note what kind of pots you require and their sizes. You can also bring photos of your plants to show the nursery’s expert gardener and get some ideas on how to raise them. Read the seedling packets carefully to know the proper temperatures, drainage, and soil to use. Keep the plant tags for reference.

Consider Your Lifestyle When Designing Your Container Garden

Container gardening requires time and effort.  Even hardy plants like succulents and cactus need attention. That’s why your garden design should complement your lifestyle. If you can afford to spend time in your yard, then, by all means, go with whatever plant strikes your fancy. But if you’re the busy sort, a low-maintenance garden would be ideal. Choose succulents, cactus, and other drought-resistant plants if your time is limited. If you prefer a formal look to your front yard, choose a tailored container to grow luxurious and distinct-looking plants.

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Before You Start Planting

Whether you’re wishing for manicured lawns or starting a container garden, you could use the help of Landscape Improvements. We are a family-run company based in Florida. Our many years in the business are due to our hardworking, expert landscapers.

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