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Commercial Landscaping Benefits for Your Employees

Commercial Landscaping Benefits for Your Employees | Landscape Improvements

Landscaping makes homes look beautiful and welcoming, and it also adds value to the property. The same advantages are also present in commercial landscaping.

A simple landscaping design can make a shop or building look more appealing. Studies show that people spend more time in commercial areas with more tree cover. It’s why companies spend thousands to have their grounds designed by a professional. They also spend hundreds per month on maintenance. The price is worth it, though.

A building’s exterior and surrounding environment reflects the company’s values. It’s the first impression a customer gets of the business, so it has to be good. There are also many commercial landscaping benefits for your employees. Here are some of them:

It Keeps Employees Healthy

The Japanese have a keen understanding of the benefits of nature. A study on their workers revealed that a walk in the forest helps lower blood pressure and pulse rate. Other research shows that looking at greenery can lower stress levels.

The best landscaping design gives your workers a place to relax and commune with nature. The time they spend out of the building and in nature boosts their immune system. It helps them fight off colds and the flu, which translates to less absenteeism. A few minutes outside with plants and trees can also reduce inflammation. It also lowers incidents of irritable bowel syndrome and autoimmune disorders.

The positive physical benefits go beyond employees, though. Residents, guests, and customers will also experience the same thing.

Green Spaces Helps with Productivity

A productivity boost is also one commercial landscaping benefit for your employees. Employees working in areas with windows that let in natural light are productive. They also have higher job satisfaction levels. Indoor plants in the office also give the same benefit.

Aside from the physical aspect, green spaces also help with employees’ mental health. Many studies show that walks in gardens or parks can improve one’s short-term memory. It also boosts concentration. Workers can focus on their tasks longer and better. It will also be easier for them to come up with creative solutions to problems. So the more greenery you have on your property, the better it is for your company.

It Offers Privacy and Safety

The commercial landscaping benefits for your employees are not all health-related. Landscaping can keep them safe and provide privacy.

A study done by the US Forest Service says neighborhoods with large trees have low crime rates. It’s why some homeowners want trees in their yard. There were also fewer outdoor pests in these areas, which means fewer diseases transmitted to humans and animals.

Landscaping services also include outdoor lighting to help with the property’s curb appeal. It also keeps visitors and employees safe. Led lights are installed on walkways so that people can see where they are going. They won’t trip and have accidents. Meanwhile, parking lots with many lights discourage criminals.

Many designers also use outdoor patio lighting ideas to make grounds more attractive. They use spotlights and downlights to showcase trees, plants, or sculptures.

Plants and trees are also great ways to build privacy. Tall shrubs planted along walls provide ground floor windows with some privacy. A tree-lined exterior can also do the same thing for windows on the upper floors. It also provides a buffer between your building and the adjoining business or street.

It Provides More Meeting Space

It’s boring if you’re always using the conference room for meetings. A well-manicured outdoor area gives your employees another place to hold discussions. They can also interact with their colleagues during their breaks, and they do it in a peaceful and relaxed setting. You can even use the grounds for company events, such as team-building events or a company barbecue. It will save the company money and build a stronger team.

It Attracts New Clients

The right foliage can help make your company successful. Landscaping brings more people to commercial establishments. It’s proven that consumers will go to shops with more greenery even if they have to travel longer.

It’s also nice to do business in offices with lots of natural light and green spaces. Facebook and Google are famous for their expansive campuses. Their grounds have lots of natural elements. Employees are happy to work in such an environment. Clients also respond well to this kind of atmosphere, making meetings and closing deals go smoother.

It Helps Save Money

Commercial landscaping also helps a company save money. Designers can create a space that provides insulation during winter. They can also ensure that the landscape will have a cooling effect on the building. One way landscapers do this is with trees.

Trees placed well create shade that can help the HVAC system work better, which can save you as much as 25 percent on your electric bill.

Plants and trees also act as filtration systems. Rainfall and the resulting runoff will not go to your parking lot. This will help preserve the concrete, and you won’t have to deal with cracks and potholes for years.

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