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A Guide To Commercial Landscape Edging

Commercial Landscape Edging | Landscape Improvements
Commercial landscape edging can add an aesthetic appeal to your space, as it can define and divide your landscape areas. However, you can use different materials for landscape edging, and choosing one can be a bit of a problem. So, if you need some help, Landscape Improvements is the best team to call!   Although you are about to hire some professionals, it is still best to have an overview of the available commercial landscape edging material on the market and how to choose the best. This knowledge will come in handy whenever you want to beautify your space.

What is Commercial Landscape Edging?

Commercial landscape edging can help increase the curb appeal of businesses by establishing aesthetically pleasing lines in commercial landscape designs. It separates the outdoor spaces into different areas while also connecting hardscapes and softscapes. Aside from that, commercial landscape edging also provides a decorative element by adding depth and texture and highlighting plants and other outdoor features.

What are the Benefits of Landscape Edging?

Aside from enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your commercial outdoor space, there are many benefits of installing a commercial landscape edging. It also has some functionalities, such as keeping the mulch in plant beds, establishing a barricade to keep unwanted grass and weeds, and containing gravel, pebbles, and other loose materials. Let’s discuss these benefits further.

Keeps Lawn Runners Out

Are you tired of pulling annoying grass and weeds out of your flower and plant beds? Or, have you spent so much of your business’ budget hiring professional weeders and grass cutters? Is this a pain point for you, especially during winter, when weeds and grass spread and grow faster than usual? If so, then you can benefit from having commercial landscape edging installed on your outdoor space. Landscape edging creates a blockage to prevent unwanted weeds and grass from getting inside your plant and flower beds. It will save you time, effort, and money from regularly having them plucked out.

Helps Keep the Soil in Place

Do you notice every rainy season that soil from your plant beds erodes and gets washed away, making a mess on the walkway? Well, that’s because there’s no system available to keep them in place. Installing commercial landscape edging will help keep the soil in place even during heavy rains. This way, soil erosion will be prevented, plants will be safer and healthier, and you can bid farewell to a soil-stained walkway.

Makes Maintenance Easier

Another benefit of installing commercial landscape edging is making your gardening maintenance easier. The primary reason behind this is that it creates a crisp line along your garden that you can follow. Besides that, it also establishes a barrier that will make edging turf, lawn mowing, irrigation, and fertilizer application easier and faster.

Defines Pathways

Are you tired of having your customers trample your beautiful landscape? Or do some kids run around and leave patches on your lovely grass bed? Having a commercial landscape will define a pathway where they can walk to and from your store, helping prevent the accidental trampling of plants and unwanted patches on the grass bed, and save you money from garden maintenance.

Different Types of Commercial Landscape Edging

There are so many commercial landscapes edging options to choose from, making it harder to know which one is the most appropriate. But, it will all boil down to your needs and preferences. Below, we’ll discuss the different types of commercial landscape edging. Plus, we’ll define the pros and cons.

Spaded or Natural Landscape Edging

Spaded or natural is the simplest method for commercial landscape edging. It can be done using a spade or flat shovel to shallowly dig out a clean edge around your planting or landscaping areas. Pros:
  • Easy and simple to do
  • Affordable
  • Creates a clean look
  • Soil can still subside and slump because of the lack of a sturdy barrier
  • It only works for small edging lengths
  • It will require regular work to keep the edges
  • Turfgrass will still be able to spread its roots

Metal Landscape Edging

If you are looking for a more durable and long-lasting commercial landscape edging, then metal is the best for you. You can use many metals as metal landscape edging, such as steel, aluminum, and corrugated or galvanized. Steel is the strongest among all of the metal landscape edgings available. Aside from that, it has the longest life span, and it is available in different painted colors and a natural, weathering finish. Another edge of steel is that it won’t bend or break if you step on it or run machinery over it. The second type of metal landscape edging is aluminum. It is also a popular choice because it has long wear and tear and is easy to install. However, it is softer compared to steel. Lastly, corrugated or galvanized is a type of material used for the commercial metal landscape edging. It is more affordable and flexible compared with steel and aluminum. However, it can bend more easily. Here are metal landscape edging’s pros and cons: Pros:
  • Longer wear and tear
  • Higher resistance to damage
  • Available in different styles
  • It can be used for bigger spaces
  • Recyclable
  • It comes at a higher price
  • Some are prone to rust
  • Some can have dents

Wood Edging

Wooden commercial landscape edging is also a great choice, especially if you aim for a natural-looking outdoor setting. Moreover, it is a traditional landscape edging that has been used for a very long time. Here’s a list of the pros and cons of using wood as commercial landscape edging: Pros: 
  • More natural-looking
  • Durable and flexible
  • Easy to purchase as most stores offer it
  • Can absorb moisture and decay fast
  • Prone to termites

Plastic or Poly Landscape Edging

One of the most commonly available commercial landscape edging materials is plastic or polyethylene. It is cheaper compared to the rest of the materials. Pros: 
  • More affordable and accessible
  • Lightweight
  • Simple to install
  • It lacks natural rigidity
  • It has a shorter life span compared with metal
  • It can be easily scratched, dented, and damaged by lawn care equipment
  • It can burn and melt and if it does, it contaminates the soil

Brick or Paver Edging

Another excellent and durable commercial landscape edging is masonry bricks and landscape pavers. Here are the pros and cons of these materials: Pros:
  • Durable
  • Available in different sizes, colors, and textures
  • It can be used to create a mow-strip rather than a vertical edge
  • Very tedious to install
  • Can heave or settle over time and will need regular repair

Natural Stone Landscape Edging

Stone is one of the most aesthetically pleasing landscape edging, and it is also very durable, given that it was installed properly. Pros:
  • Elegant and striking
  • Durable
  • Expensive and will need professionals for the installation
  • Tedious to install

Allow Landscape Improvements to Install Your Commercial Landscape Edging

If you want to improve your commercial outdoor space and make it look more attractive to your customers, then our professionals are the ones that you should call. We have been in business for many years and have provided our services to hundreds of business owners. Call us at 407-606-7326 to learn more about our services. Or you can email us directly at information@landscapeimprove.com.

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