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snow_ice_service-1To get started, book a consultation with us by calling 407-426-9798 or email us at info@landscapeimprove.com. Our landscaping consultants will cater to your landscaping needs and provide you with the best solutions and ideas.

Our service quotes and consultation are the first steps to providing great service to our clients. Our first meeting/consultation is free of charge.

We are a family-owned landscaping company that’s been operating since 1992. We take pride in our work and reputation as a leader in the landscaping industry in Central Florida. Our services speak for themselves. Thanks to the recommendations, referrals, and customer satisfaction, our company has grown to what it is today. Our landscaping operations mainly focus on Central Florida for both residential and commercial properties.

We specialize in:

    • Landscape Architecture
    • Horticulture
    • Insect Pest Management
    • Lighting
    • Drainage Installation
    • Container Gardening
    • Fertilization
    • Irrigation
    • Installation & Repair
    • Arbor care
    • Hardscape Installation
    • Mulch Redressing
    • Planting & Removal 
    • Emergency Tree Removal


Through hard work, passion and dedication, we have completed and maintained countless outdoor projects both for residential and commercial properties in the Central Florida area. We assure you that our landscapers are certified by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP). Our horticulturists are certified by the American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS) while our arborists are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

To ensure high quality, we are proud to say that all the materials we use in our landscaping projects are sourced in the United States through our trusted suppliers. Our plants in particular are grown mostly in Florida. Our stones and rocks are shipped from Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

stone_hard_service-1We have an eye for detail and a personal touch. Each landscaping project that we undertake mirrors the purpose and personality of our clients. For homeowners, it’s an extension of their hospitality. For business owners, a reflection of their values. We ensure that we always find ways to innovate the evolving demands in the landscaping scene and provide our clients with the best service they deserve.


We always have a professional approach for each of the landscaping projects we handle. Here is our simple process to serve you.

  • Consultation- Contact us so that we can provide a consultation about your landscaping needs. To give an idea of the cost, we also provide a service quote. 
  • Site inspection- We conduct a site inspection and issue the details of the actions needed to be done.
  • Project design proposal- Upon request, we provide an initial project design proposal along with the estimated budget for the labor and materials needed for the project. 
  • Construction/Installation phase- After reaching an agreement on the design and estimated budget, we will then start the construction/installation phase. 
  • Maintenance- As part of our aftercare service, we are always available for maintenance and restoration for you.

gallery_img2-2-348x252Project completion mainly depends on the entire scope. Upon the acceptance of the proposal, we can provide an estimated timeline to complete both minor and major landscaping projects

We always follow our client’s vision and perspective detail while applying the design principles in landscape architecture. We can do both simple and sophisticated designs depending on what our client wants using the most modern landscaping techniques.

We always look forward to presenting our clients with a computer-rendered design of our client’s landscape project. This gives you the chance to get a sneak peak at how it will look, as well as, tweak some of the aspects of the overall design according to your preference.

Yes, we do! To protect and preserve the beauty of your projects, we offer landscape and garden maintenance as part of our aftercare services.

Part of our commitment is to keep in touch with our clients to make sure we answer all of their inquiries regarding landscaping related concerns and provide the best solutions available.

After reaching an agreement on the design, cost, and labor, we require a 50% down payment before starting any work on the project. The remaining 50% is billed upon the project completion.

We are your one stop location for all of your outdoor needs, for both residential and commercial properties.

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